Sex in the Jacuzzi – Yay or Nay?


The title of this story is self explanatory and since yours truly is known for her misadventures in sex, you can kind of guess what happens at the end of this confession. Or can you?

Here’s a little back story. I went on a romantic weekend getaway with the guy I’m seeing. We went to Port Douglas, a really relaxed chill out destination with warm humid weather, beautiful sunshine and amazing beaches; it was a tropical paradise.

We stayed at a really nice hotel and our room was on the first floor. The best part of our hotel room was it had a private balcony with a Jacuzzi just for us. So as soon as I saw the Jacuzzi, the little voices in my head started to think of some naughty deeds for the Jacuzzi later on.

Fast forward to the next evening after going out for a nice dinner and drinks and coming back to the hotel room. I was buzzed to say the least. My guy (let’s call him John) was actually a little beat from the activities throughout the day (all the shenanigans we did inside and outside of our hotel room, wink wink). Suffice to say when we got back that night from the bar, I was a horny bastard and John was trying to keep up with my (ahem) requests.

I made a split second decision and started filling up the Jacuzzi (a lot of people also call it the Spa) and turned it on. Once it filled up I tried my best to do a sexy striptease for John and crawled my way into the Spa in Full Monty. Keep in mind, I was a horny bastard but I was also pretty drunk. So I have no idea how the hell I looked doing all that. I probably looked less glamorous and sexy than I thought I would have been in my drunken state. But hey, I think it worked because he joined me in the Spa. Huzzah!

Sex in the Jacuzzi

We continued drinking in the Spa; actually it was just me, I was still drinking in the Spa whereas John’s stopped already and was just enjoying the bubbling Jacuzzi. I just pounced on the poor unsuspecting John and started to “play” with him.

He obliged, so we changed positions and he’s on top of me, I’m holding on the Jacuzzi so I don’t slide off. It’s completely different from doing it in the pool (a story for another time). There was water splashing everywhere and onto the balcony floor. I had to hold onto the ledge with both hands while he’s thrusting. Suffice it to say, it turned into a slippery hot mess and we just had to stop. IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL!

So after we stopped, we just sat there like two drunken idiots for a while. He got out before me and went to bed. I was still in the Jacuzzi but I still had the buzz, I needed to get off. So a wild idea forms in my head. I went up to one of the jets that were blowing the bubbles in the Jacuzzi. You know where I’m going with this right? Yup I knelt right in front of the jet and let it do its thing.

So yes, I did it. I had to come one way or another. And that’s the road I took. Sue me.

Sex in the Pool Zoe Unfiltered Adult Press

Sex in the Jacuzzi sounds awesome in theory but it wasn’t practical. I don’t know who’s successfully done it. If you have, please tell me how. I really want to know. Please email me at or tweet at me @ZoeUnfiltered

But as a girl on her lonesome, with a fully functional Jacuzzi, magic can happen…

(Name of the hotel isn’t mentioned for fear of being banned from it. Sorry!)


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