10 Sex Tips Women Want Men To Know In 2020


Let’s face it… communication in the bedroom isn’t very many people’s kink. It can be seriously difficult to really ask for what you want in the heat of the moment. To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the hottest sex tips that women want to know.

Sex Tips: Foreplay is important

Yes, this one should be obvious but we figured we’d start with an easy one. Women like foreplay. This doesn’t just refer to physical foreplay, but also emotional foreplay. Physiologically, women take longer to reach the type of arousal that is required to have an orgasm. Foreplay also helps with the natural lubrication that just makes sex overall more pleasurable for both parties.

Not so much pressure on the clit!

Unfortunately, this is a common mistake that men make. The clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings, which is twice as many as the penis has! While this is super great for having amazing orgasms, it also makes it easy to turn pleasure to discomfort or even pain if too much pressure is applied. When it doubt, ask your partner what she likes. Every woman is different, but don’t immediately start rubbing it full force.

We might not opposed to anal if you just ask!

Let’s get real. Most women have had someone slip and “accidentally” try the backdoor. However, this is probably the quickest way to have that option immediately taken off the table. The ironic part is that a lot of women report that they would be open to at least trying it if there is a conversation about it beforehand. If anal sex is really something you’re interested in, ask her. You might be surprised by the answer.

Be gentle with our nipples

The rough stuff is fun sometimes! For some reason, though, a lot of men go straight to sucking and biting the nipples. There’s nothing wrong with being gentle with our nipples, at least to start off with. They can be very sensitive, so start slow and follow any cues from your partner on what she’s into.

Oral should be mutual

For some reason, it is standard practice for women to give blow jobs but not for men to return the favour! But it’s 2020 and time for men to literally get their head in the game with oral sex. Surprise your woman with oral without any need for reciprocation. We think you’ll find she is much more willing to put in the extra mile for you if it’s fair and equal in the future.

Make noise!

Men, men, men. Why has it become such a stigma to express how much you’re enjoying things in bed vocally? One of our biggest sex tips is that it’s super hot when a man moans and expresses how good things feel. Not only is it an ego booster, but it’s also a great way to let her know what you like and is working for you!

Eye contact

Sexy eye contact

Sexy eye contact

We get it. When things feel good, it’s a natural impulse to close your eyes and enjoy it. But women like the intimacy that comes with eye contact during sex. It makes us feel closer to you.

Fingers aren’t just for back in high school

Listen. We’re not sure why fingering has gone out of fashion. A little heavy petting is never a bad thing. Don’t skip a little manual pleasure with your foreplay, and don’t just focus on the clit!

For most women, vaginal orgasms don’t exist

At least with traditional intercourse, that is! During sex, we’d be remiss if we didn’t add this to our sex tips, don’t forget about the clitoris. Just hammering away can be fun, but it often doesn’t get your lady where she needs to go. Give her a little clitoral stimulation during sex and watch how much further that will get you both towards the big “Ooooh!”.

Orgasms aren’t a guarantee

Woman having an orgasm

This doesn’t mean you’re not doing a good job, or that we don’t like you. Sometimes orgasms just don’t happen, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a great time or that we weren’t into. Sex is about intimacy for a lot of women, at the end of the day, so just being able to be close to you is what counts. Ultimately, let your partner be the judge of when she’s done.

So there you have it! Also, when it doubt, ask your partner. Having open, honest communication is the best way to guarantee sex is enjoyable for both of you! Have fun, and be safe!


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