Set Some Sexy New Year’s Resolutions


With 2019 coming to a close, many of us are starting to think about what our New Year’s resolutions will by. As simple as this can be, a lot of us tend to pick the same ones quite often, such as exercising more and losing weight, among others.

While these aren’t bad resolutions to have, they could be relatively dull. Alongside this is the fact that many of us might want to spice it up a little more in the new year. This could mean that you might be thinking about having a sexy New Year’s resolution.

However, this doesn’t mean that thinking of one is as easy as you might think. Though there are a few obvious ones that many people might think of, there are a few others that you mightn’t have.

These could prove to add a certain amount of spice to your sex life in 2020. There are a few sexy New Year’s resolutions that many of us might be tempted by.

I Will Make Sex A Priority

In many relationships, it can be easy for sex to fall to the wayside sometimes. The main reason for this is that we can often be quite busy and not have the time to do so. When we do have the time, we could be too tired to do much. However, you could make sex a priority for your New Year’s Resolution and bring an extra bit of spice into the relationship.

I Will Try Out Fantasies

The majority of us have fantasies, although that doesn’t mean that we’ve all acted on them. Alongside this is the fact that our partners will have some too. Why not make it a point to act out these fantasies and see where it goes? You should be in for quite an enjoyable time.

I Will Stop Making Excuses

Many of us can have a habit of making excuses so that we don’t have to have sex. While there’s a variety of valid reasons not to, there are a few that are quite common. Many of these could be because we might just be being lazy. Forgetting to shave and having a headache are quite popular excuses, although that doesn’t mean that sex should be off the table.

I Will Set The Mood More Often

A lot of us like a nice mood to be set before we have sex. Some scented candles, the right lighting, and sensual music can all make quite a difference in how much we enjoy the night. Taking the time to set the mood more often could be one of the more sensual New Year’s resolutions to choose.

I Will Give More Compliments

As much as all of us love compliments, they’re not given as much as we might like. However, quite a large number of us might be guilty of not giving them out too often. This is something that doesn’t take too much effort to change and could be a nice New Year’s resolution. Compliment your partner more often and you should feel the passion ramp up.

I Will Show Off My Sexy Side

After being in a relationship for a significant amount of time, many of us might stop putting effort into showing off our sexy side. Naturally, this is something that you could change for your New Year’s resolution. It doesn’t need to be too difficult to do so, as some sexy underwear or clothes could be quite helpful.

I Will Be Spontaneous

When many of us start a relationship, there’s a certain amount of spontaneity. However, this could fade somewhat over time, though you’ll be able to overcome this quite easily. This doesn’t have to focus on full sex, but could be as simple as a kiss or some physical contact.

I Will Let Loose

Sex is all about having fun, although this could get somewhat banal over time, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship. You can avoid this by letting loose every one in a while. Have a bit of extra fun by having a naughty food fight, giving each other pet names, and more.

I Will Try Something New

Trying something new is a New Year’s resolution that many people have had over the years. However, this hasn’t typically focused on the bedroom. While trying out fantasies could play a part in this, it doesn’t have to focus solely on these. Instead, you could instead try something that you’ve thought about but not necessarily fantasized about.

I Will Speak Up

A lot of the above would mean that you and your partner already know what each other’s fantasies are. However, this isn’t always the case, as a lot of us mightn’t be as open about these as we would want to be. This is something that you could look to change by speaking up more about what you want to try.

There’s quite a large number of sexy New Year’s resolutions to choose from. This could mean that you’ll be able to pick a few of them. Unlike many other resolutions, this is one of the few times where more could be better. After all, who wouldn’t want to add as much spice as possible to their sex life in 2020?

Naturally, what you focus on will depend on personal preference, but there’s still a wealth of options to choose from. Using a few of the above could help your 2020 start off with a bang.



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