Using the Girlfriend Experience to Get Back on Track


Relationships are like bananas, they come in all different shapes and sizes, some are long, others are short, some are yellow or green, and others are brown. You’re probably thinking why I am reading about the significance of a banana in a relationship, and to be honest I wouldn’t blame you for questioning me at this point in time. However, at the crux of the issue is that a relationship is a relationship, it doesn’t matter how different the variables seem. And, for the most part there is a large majority of us that have been in one, or a few.

But, the question yet to be answered is… What made those special relationships more memorable than the less entertaining and extremely painful ordeals? For the better part there isn’t just one answer, there are several, and all of what you are reading now is definitely not new news to your eyes. We all know the truth, but accepting it can sometimes be hard, or does it? If you take the time to think about how you’ve ever felt after ending a relationship, I can personally guarantee it wasn’t a good feeling. Sometimes we think that we will never find someone as good as the person we were once with. And that very thought can hurt. So without further ado, let me provide a solution.

You see, the mistake we make is thinking that we are alone but the truth is we most definitely are not. Now the short term solution to mending the broken heart comes in the form of partying and freedom of being able to hook up with whoever we want. But even then there is not longevity to this plan; it won’t last long. These short and emotionless encounters will only compound the situation. What we thrive for, in a subconscious way, is what we once had. And to achieve the same sense of place or fulfilment can be hard. So I say why not take a short cut. Get one step closer to resolving your issues. Why not reach out for the girlfriend experience. In today’s world there are many individuals who not only seek sexual satisfaction but also emotional fulfilment, a concept which is lost following a divorce or break up. Escorts, no longer limit themselves to physical pleasure, many have recognised that their companions crave an emotional attachment. This growing trend to an emotional connection through what is commonly known as the “girlfriend experience” can go leaps and bounds in solving our issues.

So why would it be worth considering when it comes to paying someone for an emotional experience? Firstly I would say that we are looking at the scenario in a wrong light. You see, the only aspect of this service that we acknowledge is the exchange of money for a fabricate version of love. We see it only as a short term experience, and it most certainly won’t translate into a long term relationship. But this idea that we are looking for “the one” in an escort is completely wrong. I’m not suggesting that we look for a lifelong partner in an escort, only that we should look to alleviate any emotional pressure, in order to help us to get over that special someone. Think of it like a stepping stone, but not as a highway.


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