Dogging Vs Exhibitionism: First Hand Accounts


This is risky, exciting and unguarded territory for those who are a little more audacious in their sexual exploits outside the bedroom.

‘Dogging’ and exhibitionism both fall under the same umbrella of lurid exposure in public, or semi-public places. Dogging is, essentially, slang for public sex, with two or more members. Exhibitionism is more interpretive; it can be streakers, flashers, voyeurs and cuckolders, just to name a few.

What is “Dogging”?

Dogging is a sexual thrill, perhaps something saved for when the mood strikes, while exhibitionism is more thought-out, akin to a fetish or living out sexual fantasies.

Long ago, I knew a girl who absolutely loved public sex. It wasn’t anything like screwing on a football oval or the back of a train carriage. Rather, it was the public sex that is all but hidden, inches away from an unknowing eye. She was excited by the idea of getting caught, a common trait among both men and women. The fact that she was hidden somewhere humping manically while people went about their day drove her crazy. She was very shy, and quite reserved in many aspects of her life. You’d never think it to look at her. But it’s always the quiet ones who surprise you…

And “Exhibitionism”?

Another good friend was driven by a compulsion to masturbate in public. Thankfully, he never spanked the monkey in front of a group of nuns, or anybody specifically. But like the other girl, being hidden in public was the ultimate thrill. At work, in the bathroom, a friend’s house, in the bedroom, university, in an empty lecture hall – he went for it.

These two instances are my first-hand accounts of dogging and exhibitionism. Which one is better? I don’t think there’s an answer to that, other than one takes personal preference over the other. They are similar exploits, yet a degree of care and maturity must be considered.

Looking at exhibitionism, there seems to be seedier, potentially dangerous aspects of committing to it, given its encompassing nature of sexual preferences and acts.

Dogging, on the other hand, is something that all consensual adults should at least consider. It’s a wild ride, out of the bedroom and doing the nasty in a random open place.

Either way, think it over and give something a go!



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