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Morning sex! Cock-a-doodle-doo!

What’s that delightful cucumber shaped thing poking out of the sheets?? That, ladies and gentlemen; is an opportunity to have a fantastic start to the day. It is without a doubt the only thing more exciting than hot coffee in the morning. In fact, morning sex can actually replace your coffee intake… it speeds up your heart rate and brings down your blood pressure. What a good alternative rush to kick start your morning, am I right or am I right?

If you’re like me, I will not willingly engage in a conversation before 10 am. Everyone needs to mind their own business that early in the morning, to quite honest. Having sex will skip you straight past that morning moodiness and have you ‘bouncing’ around the rest of the day. If it’s the weekend, morning sex gets even more satisfactory. There’s honestly nothing better than waking up late on a lazy Sunday; having some crazy hot sex and cooking a big breakfast. – It even sounds good just reading it huh?

Need some ideas? Check out this “Weekend In Bed couple’s kit”… 

Is morning sex gross?

Only if you make it! The morning breath (which I think is what terrifies everyone the most about morning sex) is so easily avoidable. I mean it’s even better if you don’t care (au naturale) but there are so many other places to kiss – shoulders, neck and chest. You don’t necessarily have to stick your tongue down their throat (unless you want too).

If having sex in the light feels intimidating, you can always shut the blinds. That being said, when you start f*cking… insecurities will be the last thing on your mind!

The benefits of Morning Sex

Immune Boost

Besides providing an intense amount of pleasure, morning sex is fantastic for your physical and mental health. Sex on the regular boosts your immune system; giving you a higher level of antibodies (called Immunoglobulin) to help you fight off bacterial infections. It’s basically the same thing as taking your daily vitamins – only better. Why wouldn’t you want to start off the day with a boost of health, radiant energy and a positive mind set? What’s not to love about the sound of that?

“Health is the greatest gift. Commitment is the greatest wealth.” — Buddha


We all know exercising can be a rather boring task. Problem solved! Morning sex counts as a workout! In a session you will burn just as much as you would after running on the treadmill for 15 whole minutes. No need to feel guilty about skipping the gym anymore, you’re welcome guys! And if you need more convincing, read about the side effects of not having regular action…

Stress Relief

If you’re stressed out like the majority of the population, you’ll feel so relaxed after a good morning glory session. There’s no better feeling moving from a state of sleepiness straight into a saucy one, it’ll actually give you quite a substantial amount of euphoria. If you’re confident enough guys (and she’s verbally said this is ok) feeling her up and putting yourself inside her while she’s still half asleep can be a really f*cking hot move – I would know. *wink wink*.

Soo… wake your partner up tomorrow morning with a bang and enjoy that wonderful glow throughout the day!

Cya xx
The Millennial Minx



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