What Does Sex-Positive Mean?


Over the past decade or so, ‘sex positivity’ has become an increasingly used term. While many people claim to know what “sex-positive” is, they can often be mistaken about it. The main reason for this is that there can often be a significant number of misconceptions about it.

Alongside this, many people may have various definitions of sex-positivity. This can often mean that people who are unfamiliar to the area may become confused about it. Despite the wealth of meanings that may be available, there are a few things that they all have in common.

Typically, sex positivity has focused on a few core things, including:

  • Affirming that sex is a natural and healthy part of life that shouldn’t be stigmatized or shamed, and;
  • Affirming that the sexual choices a person makes are theirs to make, regardless of whether they’re the choice we would make, as long as it’s consensual.

This means that being sex-positive means having a healthy attitude toward sex. Alongside this, it focuses on embracing sexual education and staying safe at all times. Rather than letting people dictate their sexual desires, a sex-positive person decides what they want from their sex lives and enjoy it.

A lot of this has been in response to sex-negative attitudes and behaviours, many of which are still active in society. Some of the more common of these are shame and guilt, among others. However, there are a variety of other behaviours that may negatively a person, such as sexual abuse, addiction, and more.

Sex positivity looks to address these issues in a variety of ways. This has led to many therapists and experts to see it as similar to preventative medicine for a person’s sex life. The main reason for this is that embracing sexuality in a positive way may remove the conditions for negative conditions to grow.

Embracing Sexual Diversity

There’s quite a large number of components to sex-positivity. For many people, it can be focused on embracing sexual diversity in a safe and comfortable way. To some people, this may be done by going through new experiences and engaging in new acts with a consenting partner.

Coupled with this is the fact that it gives people a sense of freedom to explore different parts of their sexual being. In short, this should mean that many people have had the freedom to explore the various intricacies of their sexuality.

What It Isn’t

With how broadly sex positivity can be defined, many people may think that it can refer to a variety of things. However, this is also how many of the misconceptions about the approach may have come about. While being sex-positive can be a variety of things, there are also several things that it isn’t.

For example, it doesn’t mean not having sexual boundaries. Quite a large number of people believe that they can’t be sex-positive while they still have these boundaries. This shouldn’t be the case. Instead, it’s focused on knowing what you do and don’t like and embracing the parts of sex that you like.

While many people will look to expand their comfort zone, this doesn’t mean that they’ll have to engage in anything they’re uncomfortable with. Knowing what the boundaries are means that you can articulate them to your partner, which is one of the more sex-positive acts that you can engage in.

Alongside this, there are a few other things that being sex-positive doesn’t have to mean, including:

  • Making Other People Listen To Sex Stories: Many sex-positive people may want to reduce the discomfort in society felt about sex by speaking about sex topics. While education can be a good thing, it may not mean that you should continue speaking to someone if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Having An Uncomplicated Relationship With Sex: Many people might think that being sex-positive means removing the complication in sex. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have an uncomplicated relationship with sex. Instead, the opposite can often be the case.
  • Believing That Some Ways Of Enjoying Sex Are Better Than Others: Being sex-positive can typically mean that someone engages in much more diverse sexual acts. This may lead to many believing that some ways of enjoying sex are inherently better than another. However, this might not be true. While one thing may be better for one person, it might not be for another person.

Sex is an inherently complicated part of life. However, sex positivity is a noteworthy way of embracing the various desires and acts that you may be interested in. Alongside this, it can be a healthy way of viewing sex while reducing the shame and stigma that may often be associated with it.

This could mean that it’s a healthier way of looking at sex and embracing the various backgrounds and interests that many people will have.


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