Understanding Voyeurism


Consensual voyeurism is a specific type of sexual behavior and practices that many people get off on: the most common form, of course, is watching pornography. However, voyeurism tends to take on a number of other different forms depending on the person and their own specific tastes and inclinations.


Cuckholding is, traditionally, the practice of a man allowing other men to have sex with his wife whilst he is allowed to watch. This is a particularly common practice among swingers – although people who don’t necessarily identify as swingers may also take part in it.


Many people get a thrill off spying on others having sex: while in a lot of cases these tend to be non-consensual (i.e., the couple in question have no idea that they are being spied on), there are many who will make this a consensual practice. This can often take the form of “dogging” whereby people will go down to a place where others have sex in public and watch them. This can also take the form of webcams.


There are often many voyeurs and various orgies and group sex events, as well as fetish clubs, who simply enjoy going down and watching what’s going on. Again, this particular type of behavior is usually consensual, especially in the case of open fetish clubs where everyone is free to do what they’re comfortable with, so long as it doesn’t make others uncomfortable.

Overall, it is important to ensure that your voyeuristic practices are consensual and that everyone involved is aware of what’s going on. If they are not, they can result in criminal charges being filed against you in the end. The best thing to do is make sure you inform everyone involved of the situation and that everyone is in agreement.


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