How to Sustain Long Distance Relationships


It’s not always easy juggling our professional and personal lives; more often than not, our work lives sometimes mean we have to sacrifice aspects of our personal lives. Living away from home, interstate or overseas, working or studying abroad, can put a strain on meaningful, long-term relationships. But, we have to do it.

If you’re worried about losing touch, disconnection, or temptation, then here are a few helpful tips for sustaining a long distance relationship.

Be Sexually Present

Being without a partner for a long time, we begin to desperately miss the touch, warmth and security that we become so used to. The great thing about the modern age is technology has a number of ways to help satisfy our urges, more than just phone-sex.

Try webcamming with each other. Schedule in a date and time where you and your partner can slowly and comfortably be sexual in front of each other. Try masturbating, dry-humping, or anything else that tickles your fancy. Just make sure you have enough time; as it can be awkward to begin with, staying relaxed with no stress is imperative in having a successful sex-date on Skype or FaceTime.

Write Each Other Letters

This is the old-school, romantic way of staying in touch. There’s something quaint and cute about letter writing, and this doesn’t mean e-mailing. Take the time to compose a handwritten letter which includes the various activities, thoughts and sexual fantasies that are occupying you at the time, and mail it off in a letterbox. While it may be a long wait, half the enjoyment and romance of this is the anticipation of waiting, eagerly checking the mail each morning.

Take A Break

Simply put, a long-term relationship may be in need of a break. If you trust one another, and are both committed, it can be a good idea to pause the relationship. This includes having sex with other people, and potentially Skyping/calling each other as friends checking up on one another. You might find this brings you and your partner closer to each other; absences makes the heart grow fonder.

Be Disciplined

On the other hand, temptation may not be what you’re after, but it’s still there. You could be out one night, with some friends, and find yourself flirting. Because your partner’s overseas, who cares? Who will know? Keep thinking in the back of your mind that IF your partner does find out, and they don’t consent to sharing, or cheating, then remember the awful repercussions that will follow. Sure, it’s great in the meantime, but the lasting results are dire and heartbreaking.

Make sure you discuss all options with your partner, and agree on something beneficial for the both of you.


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