Sex in Long Distance Relationships


Long distance relationships tend not be a favorite of many people, however, they do end up serving a purpose for those who want to be together but have to live in different places for certain lengths of time. Communication nowadays is also aided by technology, so on that side of things, few people have to worry. However, long-distance relationships can end up having a particularly strong impact on a couple’s sex life.

Keeping The Spark Alive

Keeping the sexual spark alive is probably one of the biggest challenges and can be helped, naturally, by communication. When it comes to actual sex in person, it can be helpful for couples to organize regular meet-ups if it is possible, or certain periods where they can have various lengths of time together. Discussing just what one’s sexual needs are beforehand can also ensure that neither partner is disappointed or goes unfulfilled.

Other Options – Keeping the Relationship “Open”

This is an option that some long-distance couples go for, which can end up having a very positive effect on the relationship overall. It means that both partners have the option of still getting their sexual needs fulfilled, regardless of whether they are in one another’s presence or not. However, this is a particularly sensitive area and is something that will generally need a lot of discussions depending on each partner’s feelings.

Overall, keeping these thoughts in mind when you get into a long-distance relationship will ensure that you are both on the same page and have some way to fulfill your partner’s needs, as well as your own. While it might seem a little scary at first, there are a number of useful alternatives that can ensure both of you maintain that spark. After all, it is important for your sex life!


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