The Appeal of Cuckolding


Upon searching for the meaning of the word Cuckold, I came across some interesting definitions that surprised me. I won’t go technical on you, but as a phone sex operator as well as a cam model, the definition I’m most familiar with is someone that enjoys watching their partner with another man or woman engaging in sexual activity. A cuckold usually just watches, but many also join their partner in the act. This is what I’ve come to know a cuckold as, and cuckolding is not gender specific.

Can anyone be a cuckold? Well, I’m not an expert by far, but if you enjoy watching your partner have sex or engage in any sexual activity with someone that isn’t yourself, then yes, I believe anyone can be a cuckold. I also don’t agree with the definition that a cuckold is a man whose wife cheats on him, or a woman whose man cheats on her as the dictionaries might say. At least not by 21st century standards.


Cuckolding is dominantly a man’s fantasy. We know men have many fantasies and cuckolding is one of their top ones. The idea of watching your wife or girlfriend pleasure and be pleasured by someone else, is a huge turn on for some guys. A slight little problem they find themselves facing is trying to get their significant other to agree to do it in the first place because women just aren’t made that way. Sleeping with another while in a relationship in the first place is taboo to some, no matter what the situation. Women can be faithful and stubborn and hard to convince, I know, I’m a woman. But for those men that can convince their lady to consider cuckolding and then go with it, they have the night of their lives, with repeat performances and everyone wins.

Just like any alternative lifestyle, jealousy has no place among cuckolding. Jealousy has no place among any alternative lifestyle, as it makes for bad, bad karma. There are no rules etched in stone with regard to the cuckolding lifestyle except the one: you simply do what feels right. If you find that you’re uncomfortable with it, then don’t proceed, easy as that.  No one says you have to do it any one way, it’s all up to you and your partner and how you both approach the situation. Make sure you have the mindset to understand each other’s limits and the limits of the person you’re going to be involved with. Then just jump into it with both feet and let the pleasure and fun take you where it will.

Written by guest writer Dawn M.
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