Are All Women Bisexual?


Obviously not all women are bisexual. No more bisexual than all men are. However, the notion is something that is often discussed by some on the fringe view of sexuality, and mostly in locker rooms, and is something propositioned by pornography to great lengths.

I suppose the exaggerated concept has its roots in the fact that unarguably, women are more open with their emotions and have less taboos in the company of their friends. Then again, there are studies which suggest that most people have, at some point, had moments (be they fleeting or otherwise) where they question or at least consider their sexuality. Women could be said to discuss these experiences more openly among their peers.

The real issue is why people assume women’s sexuality to be more liberal or fluid than men’s. Men are equally oppressed (generally speaking and to a certain degree) regarding their sexual freedoms. They are as much a victim of the generally accepted patriarchal view on gender roles in the sense that assumed heterosexual men don’t appear to have the same freedoms assumed heterosexual women do. To dabble I mean.

In fact a woman’s dabbling is considered a great turn on for straight men and I’m sure every woman has at least been asked by a male partner whether or not they would consider a threesome with an additional chick, whether in jest or quietly hopeful jest. However, a straight male would almost always be jeered and perhaps even ostracised were they to bring up the subject of sexual difference among their peer group. And yes, I understand how that in itself can be seen by some readers to be an example constructed from stereotyped gender roles, however for the sake of comparison I have opted to highlight the perceived norm.

I do care to make some level of observation and prescription, it could be argued that hetero men’s sexuality is not theirs and is something belonging to the idea of “norm” established and perpetuated by patriarchal influence. Likewise, it is seen by and large that women’s sexuality isn’t theirs but is that of the patriarchy as well. Hence you see how symbiotic and perpetual and deep seated the issue is. In mainstream pornography, lesbianism has been turned into something shallow and purely for men’s pleasure and not something celebrated as its own thing – small consolation considering gay culture is not featured at all in the sexual prism of hetero Maledom.

This article I’m afraid is going to have to be left open-ended as it’s not really for one article, let alone for me, to presume any answers. I would say that that is something for the individual to weigh.

But things are changing, barriers are being broken down and women’s sexuality is being discussed more openly and more importantly, honestly, as is homosexuality. People are taking more ownership over their sexuality and sex lives. Things are changing.


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