What is the Attraction to Cuddle Parties?


Woe is the weary introvert bound by padded walls and dim lighting, whose only reprieve from the torment of seclusion is through a digital window. What a cruel world it is, and more so without the loving touch of another. But anguish doesn’t discriminate, and so we can’t forget an ode to the extrovert who gregariously mingles with strangers to avoid the company of loneliness. The need for intimacy manifest’s itself in many ways, and a genial touch can be a sobering reminder of its importance.

Our tactile sense is far more than a devise that indicates hot and cold. It affects all facets of the body and mental state, and people will go to great lengths to quench the craving for contact. Some are strapped to St Andrews cross and feed their bodies in very, very large doses. Dom’s have stated that people who are starving for interaction, and some go long periods of time without it, will cherish the intense sessions. But for the faint of heart, or the people who prefer to be touched in a gentle, lasting strides, then cuddling is the preferred method.

A party of cuddling would be perfect if you’re the latter.

And guess what? You can cuddle at a party. It’s a cuddle party, and it’s exactly how you’re picturing it, if you’re picturing a bunch of adults in pajamas spooning, massaging each other and participating in a massive dog pile.

But it’s not a free-for-all where you check your comfort at the door and jump into a sweaty mess. You are encouraged to hold on to inhibition and gradually let it go, if you have any inhibition. You can cuddle however you please with whomever you would like to, given that the other person has consented, which is a rule grounded in cuddle parties. There is no leniency here either. If you waltz in and begin rubbing you greasy, creepy fingers all over people, you will be asked to leave. But doing that in any situation is not cool. You will also be turned away if you show up in a banana hammock with expensive oils.

It is a community of respect, and treated as such.

Just like your buddy on St. Andrews Cross, there are rules. But these rules make the experience enjoyable for everyone, and if you want a greasy banana hammock party, there are people that would gladly join.

But for cuddle parties, it’s about respecting space and enjoying a kind touch.


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