The Joys of Exhibitionism


Exhibitionism is often seen as a sexual practice which, in its most basic form, can be seen as “showing off”. Since public nudity tends to be illegal in a lot of places, there are many exhibitionists who get a thrill from both doing something illegal as well as shocking anyone else who is around them. It all depends entirely on the individual’s mindset.

Sex On Display

Public sex is generally illegal or frowned upon in most countries: however, there are often places where people can go to engage in such exhibitionist activity. One of the most commonly-known spaces tend to be fetish clubs and parties: the same can also be said for the likes of swinger parties and events.

Thanks to the Internet, exhibitionism, and voyeurism (the act of watching others engage in sexual activity) are a lot more widespread and can be done in “safe” and “contained” areas, due to only the consenting parties being able to take part. There are in fact many couples who enjoy partaking in amateur videos for the rest of the world to see.

Public Nudity

Exhibitionism is of course not entirely sexual: some people simply enjoy being naked, whether it happens to be at home or in a public place. There are numerous places that you can go in order to be publicly nude as well, although it can sometimes be difficult to find them, especially in Australia.

Overall, when it comes to exhibitionism and engaging in this exciting activity, it’s important to take a few precautions before stripping off entirely. Consider the environment that you’re in and what the etiquette happens to be. Some people may enjoy the risk of getting caught, however, it’s a good idea to understand what the consequences are and how severe they can be!


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