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There’s not a ton of information on the Ceremony of Roses, but there is enough to explain to you what it is. While this really isn’t a fetish, I felt it fit perfectly with the Fetish Talk articles I have been writing for you. Upon reading up on it, I find it to be a beautiful way to express yourself to your partner or dominant in this case, bonding the two of you together for eternity.

So what is the Ceremony of Roses? From what I understand, it’s a bonding ritual or eternal bond similar to a traditional wedding but without the things you find at weddings: guests, marriage licenses, wedding dresses, tuxedos, and those sorts of things. A couple that has decided they would stay together eternally even after death will sometimes choose this ceremony over the traditional wedding. It has also been used to renew one’s bond just the same as renewing wedding vows. In the BDSM community, these ceremonies or rituals, are never shared with the public, they take place privately and maybe even in a secret location depending on what the couple prefers. The only other people there are one or two friends that the couple has chosen to witness their eternal bonding.

It is a very symbolic ceremony that has been around for many centuries and is still practiced today. As with a traditional wedding, there is a large variety for couples, and many times a couple will add a special touch making it unique to themselves.

Although it may be a simple ceremony showing each other mutual love, respect, and promises, there’s still a lot to it really.

Where the ceremony is held is entirely up to the couple that is bonding, but there are some accessories that are essential to the Ceremony of Roses, also called a Collaring. At a traditional wedding you may give your husband a rose and he may give a rose to you symbolizing your love for one another. At a Ceremony of Roses, there are two roses: a white one that is not fully bloomed for the submissive/bride and red rose that is much fuller than the white, but not completely. Both roses contain thorns for the blood bonding part of the ceremony. The submissive will also wear a collar, which come in a variety of styles in case you’re wondering, some look like chokers and are lacy or frilly, plain beautiful.

The couple that has decided to go through the ritual will normally choose one or two close friends to be there, as mentioned before, these ceremonies are never public. Later into the ceremony, the friends will wrap a chain around the bonded couple after warming it with fire from candles or alcohol burners or some other sort of fuel source that is ignited. The chain, normally 6-8 ft long symbolizes all of the events that have caused them to become joined, by choice I might add. The links represent these events, passing the chain through the flame is to purge out all of the bad karma and the past that has happened to them, the bad is burned away and the good is all that is left. The wrapping of the chain around the bonded couple of course is symbolic for two souls joining together.

There is much more to the ceremony than what I have written here for you, but I hope it gives you an idea of how beautiful and symbolic it is for these two to become one.

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