Fetish Talk – Forniphilia aka Human Furniture


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, there really is a fetish for everything! Let’s talk about Forniphilia aka Human Furniture: when you turn your submissive into a piece of furniture, or art of some nature. Thanks to the BDSM community, this one seems pretty popular.

Forniphilia is actually considered an extreme form of bondage due to the fact that the subject or submissive is often times gagged and bound for long periods of time and expected to remain still, immobile with the possibility of being smothered as well. The submissive should be checked on quite frequently for safety purposes, thus don’t leave your partner or person alone to go out and party with your friends. Safety first people!

Surprisingly, this fetish is more of a female activity, though there are men that participate in it for their female mistresses. It can also be called Objectification. Some females or submissives live to serve their master in any way possible and becoming a useful piece of furniture to their master is but one way. They also hope that when they are objectified into inanimate objects, that they will be of use to their master or keeper. There are many instances where a submissive will participate in this for nothing more than to please their master, even if they don’t like it. Again, this is not a gender nor sexuality specific fetish.

There is no certain piece of furniture that is used for this sexual play. Persons participating in it have been chairs, coat racks, lamps, tables, sprinklers, bird tables, and the list goes on. It goes without saying that the most popular I’ve found are tables, chairs, and light fixtures.

As with all BDSM bondage fetishes, always follow safety rules for the practice. Especially when engaging in extreme bondage play, no matter what type it is. Be sure to research all of the different BDSM communities online or even pick up some literature on the subject, this way should you decide to engage in it you will be forewarned and in the know, which is always better than jumping in feet first. The tools you use to learn about Forniphilia could prove to be valuable pieces of information for you and your partner. Enjoy!

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