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What is Sensory Deprivation? Sensory Deprivation is a fetish where one of your senses are blocked. What I mean is, blindfolds, handcuffs, ear plugs, and more are used to block out one of your senses making the rest of them more active and sensitive. When you’re blindfolded for instance, you sense of smell, touch, hearing is enhanced to make up for the loss of your sight.

Sensory Deprivation is a popular fetish in the BDSM community as you may have seen in pictures and videos online or you may have seen or read ‘50 Shades of Grey’. But you don’t have to join a BDSM community to enjoy the sexual arousal that can be received with sensory deprivation. You probably already own some sort of implement that is used to block some of your senses. Most sexual women have at least a blindfold in their bag of tricks, if not, I suggest you get one…you can even use a scarf as it has the same effect.

As you can probably guess there are various techniques that can be used for sensory deprivation. You have your light bondage involving handcuffs so your partner can’t touch, you have your blindfolds to block out their sight, you have earplugs and earmuffs to block out their hearing, use all three at once and see what fun you can have.  If you want to delve just a little deeper into the sensory deprivation fetish, try a full-body sensory deprivation suit paired with some bondage mitts, blindfolds, or even hoods. Always be careful when choosing these products and be sure to understand instructions and what you can expect when wearing them.

There are a wide variety of items that can be used for sensory deprivation play, be sure to research and see what you and your partner would be most comfortable with and exactly how far you’d like to take your little sexcapade. Read up on information that includes this type of fetish, and be sure to communicate with each other for every aspect of it. Then above all, Have fun!

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