Dogging vs Exhibitionism: The Real Difference


You are born naked and buried dressed. Somewhere between the beginning and the end, we were told that being nude is offensive and we’re required to wear clothes. Just like everything else you can think of, people have questioned the offensive nature of being nude. These people proudly stand and proclaim their right to be nude from birth until death. Okay, they actually perform nude or lewd acts in public to proclaim their right. Fine, okay, they just do it for fun, no proclaiming. But that doesn’t matter. What does though is the large communities of people showcasing their bodies, and doing it for as many reasons as there are bodies in this world.

Being naked is okay.

These people have been assigned the title of exhibitionist. They are the people who run nude through populated areas and look for public parks to have sex in. The act is despicable, offensive and really nice for airing out the folds that don’t often get to enjoy a cool breeze. But the title exhibitionist envelops all expressions of being nude in public and each one is unique, just as fetish has multiple unique expressions. You can really like flashing people, or streaking, maybe you’re the guy who hangs photocopies of your butt on lunches in the employee fridge – Steve! It was only funny the first time – it doesn’t matter, you’re an exhibitionist.

Take, for instance, dogging. It is rooted in exhibitionism, but doesn’t define it as a practice. It’s only a small expression of it. A flasher or skinny dipper may have issues with the dogging community – an unlikely scenario – and denounce it, but they are both still exhibitionists. Dogging, however, is somewhat of an outlier in the world of exhibitionism, a very popular one, too. People meet in parks and have sex, sometimes with complete strangers, and other times with many complete strangers. In the United States, it was popular for men to meet at rest stops off the side of highways and have sex. They were dogging strangers. It’s a tight built community, which is part of what makes it an exception in exhibitionism.

It has in fact grown so popular you can find online communities of people who are dogging in your area. How nice. If you’re exploring the option, but still unsure, just peek in on a session and see how it goes.

So dogging is exhibitionism, but relative to the other forms of public nudity, it takes the doggone cake.

Written by guest writer: Doug Hrdlicka
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