Who Pays For Sex? The Top 6 Brothel Clients


What kinds of people pay for sex and why? It’s more common than you may think. And the reasons can be complex. Straight men account for a majority of brothel and escort clients. However, women, gay men and gender non-binary folk of all sexual persuasions also play a part. We spoke to professionals from Brothels.com.au and MyPlaymate to learn about their most common customers – why they come (excuse the pun) and what they do.

The Top 6 Brothel Clients

1. Marriage

Monogamy can be hard. And when you tie the knot, your sex life might not be what it used to be a decade or two down the track. All kinds of marital problems can make people turn to brothels or escorts for some release. Sometimes couples don’t feel comfortable exploring their kinky desires together. Anal, role play, BDSM, even blow jobs – paying for sex allows people to do what they want between the sheets. Especially when they can’t in their relationships.

2. Shy guys

You don’t have a lot of luck with the ladies. In fact, the thought of approaching a woman at a pub makes you break out in a nervous rash. Perhaps you’re painfully shy, your confidence is broken or you haven’t experienced any kind of intimacy for longer than you care to remember. The sex workers we spoke to admitted that intercourse is often only a fraction of their customers’ experience. If you hire an escort, you are paying for their time, not just their genitals. So you can open up if you want to. Enjoy some pillow talk. Experience intimacy, non-judgemental vulnerability, comfort. Even moments of love.

3. Feet

A lot of people have fetishes for leather, rubber, ponytails, gloves, ice cubes, just to name a few. But according to the professionals we talked to, the foot fetish is by far the most common. If licking, sucking, kissing and biting someone’s feet gets you off, brothels can be oases of paradise. Plus you can have your pick of the prettiest feet.

4. Never Have I Partied So Hearty

Drunk people get horny. Amiright? When it snows, you want to blow… (wink wink). Some people come to brothels because they want someone to party with, in private. And from what we’ve heard, it can get pretty wild.

5. Batman and Robin

Who doesn’t love playing dress ups? Many escorts are booked to get into character. Think comic books, fairy tales, sci-fi and fantasy classics. These clients often bring costumes to wear themselves and for their escort. So what are the most common costume requests? Princess Leia, Wonder Woman and Cat Woman.

6. Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

Having regular clients is commonplace for many escorts. However, sometimes the lines between business, pleasure and marriage proposals are hard to draw. This man may trawl through brothel websites looking for his dream girl. Once he finds her, he books her again…and again…and again. He wines and dines her. He buys her flowers, chocolates, lingerie, flights to Paris (if he can afford it) and eventually a diamond ring. Believe it or not, many men seek wives through escort services. How successful they are in their quest for love is another story.

People that pay for sex aren’t desperate, creepy, nymphomaniacs. They’re just human beings that seek to satisfy natural carnal cravings. So whatever your reason, if you want to give it a go, we won’t judge.


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