10 People on How They Caught Their Partner Cheating


Cheating Tales

Breakups are never expected to be pleasant or even easy, but sometimes, they become extra horrible when they happen because someone has cheated. Here are some cheating  stories from Reddit about how people knew that their significant other was cheating on them.

Myspace Survey Quiz

“Back when Myspace survey quizzes were popular, I was reading one that she posted. A question on the quiz read ‘Who was the last person you kissed/had sex with?’ The answer was not my name…”

Her Partner Was Leading a Double Life

“Got a ridiculously irate phone call one morning from some woman asking why I kept texting her boyfriend, and that I was ruining their family… Her boyfriend was my husband. He had two sim cards that he switched out of his phone, and he worked nights… she had two kids of her own and he was spending a couple nights a week at her house when he was taking vacation time from work.”

He Didn’t Sign Out

“11 days ago, he had still been signed into his Gmail on my laptop. When I went to Gmail, it was his email. I found lots of emails to lots of girls about cheating. We’ve been together 8 years, married for 1 and a half. I still feel like I’m in shock and don’t know what to do.”

Thanks to The Nosey Babysitter!

“She wrote it in her diary, and our babysitter snooped, read it, and told me.”

Ex girlfriend Shouldn’t Have Gotten the Housemate Mad

“ My ex was having an argument with a housemate and they shouted at her (with me in the room) “at least I’m not cheating on my fiancé!”. She moved out less than a week later.”

Girlfriend Was Completely Honest. WAY TOO HONEST.

“She called me from a party, completely wasted, to inform me that she had just sucked some guy’s dick in the bathroom. Better than hiding it I guess, but it certainly wasn’t my favourite 3 AM phone call.”

Maybe This Person Was Actually The Side Chick?

“After we broke up. Literally 5 hours after we broke up he updated his Facebook relationship status to “engaged” to a girl who I thought he was just friends with. She uploaded a photo showing off the ring with the caption ‘he finally asked and I said yes!’”

Sneaky Tinder Boy

“Friend sent me a screenshot of my then bf from tinder. I check his phone and he didn’t have the app. So I downloaded tinder onto his phone to find out he had an active account and was actively engaged in messaging and meeting up with girls and he had just been deleting the app from his phone when he was hanging out with me.”

The Negatives Showed She was Positively Cheating

“Went on spring break with her friends to Mexico. Showed me all her pics (actual pictures before digital cameras). It was a 24exp roll, and 3 were missing. She went to the bathroom, and I held up the negatives to find…making out with a random dude in the club, making out with random dude #2 in a different club while groping each other, random dude 2 rubbing lotion on her topless sideboobs.”

We Can Only Feel Sorry for This Guy

“My girlfriend and another random guy drunkenly stumbled into the bedroom and started making out on the bed. That I was in.”


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