How to hire an escort

A guide for your first time

Let’s start from the beginning. What actually is an escort? An escort is a sex worker – someone that voluntarily provides clients with sexual services and/or companionship in exchange for financial payments. Escorts can work in brothels i.e. legal establishments where a number of escorts are rostered on each night to meet clients. They can also work for themselves independently. So they decide when, where and how they work. A whole range of people choose to pay for sex for various reasons. So whoever you are, if you’re thinking about doing it, read this guide on what to expect and how to behave.

DO: research the rates, what services are on offer, payment methods and where the deed will take place. Are you going to an establishment? Are you driving to an escort’s apartment or going to a hotel? Do they take eftpos? Are they coming to your home? Email, text, or call the establishment or private escort to make a booking and confirm what’s happening.

DON’T: make contact the first time from a blocked or private number. You’re about to have sex with a human. Anonymity is often seen as quite rude and chances are, they won’t take your call.

DO: prepare to be ‘screened’ by your escort for sexual health and general hygiene. Escorts are required to have regular STD checks and engage in safe sex practices – so prepare to wear a condom or a dam. An escort will check your bits before any sexy time takes place. Remember – you might be paying for a service, but an escort has every right to refuse the offer if you have a sexually transmitted disease or you haven’t showered in a week. Make sure you’re fresh and clean. Almost all brothels will make you shower in the establishment as well.

DON’T: ask your escort to do something they have explicitly listed as out of bounds on their website or in your communication with them.

DO: accept the payment rates on offer. Bargaining the price down is never an option.

DON’T: send your escort uninvited naked selfies or ask her to do the same.

DO: be discreet. If an escort is coming to your place, give them clear instructions. If you’re going to theirs, ask for directions.

DON’T: be forceful or disrespectful. Sure, you are paying for pleasure. That does not, however, make you entitled to it. If your escort doesn’t want to join you for a drink or do specific deeds, respect their choices and boundaries. If you abuse an escort verbally, physically, online or otherwise, you will be kicked out of an establishment. Private escorts also have security strategies in case things get weird. You are about to have sex with a human, so treat them like one.

DO: pay in advance. Most brothels and private escorts will ask for full payment up front. Kindly oblige.

DON’T: show up drunk, smacked out on drugs or late. They may or may not cancel you. Either way, wouldn’t you like to leave a good first impression?

DO: enjoy yourself! Deciding to pay for sex can be a daunting prospect. However escorts often have incredible people skills. More often than not, they will be able to put you at ease so that you can both fully enjoy the experience together.


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