What Is a Balloon Fetish?


Ballon Fetish


Balloons are something that you may only associate with parties or with certain events… very few people will connect them with a fetish. But this is exactly what it can also be and those who are into it are known as “looners”. What is interesting about this fetish is that it generally tends to have two sides… There are those who are massively turned on by the idea of balloons. (Whether it be the look, size, shape etc.). And then there are those who are utterly terrified of balloons but at the same time are turned on by the idea of being terrified by them. Let’s talk about balloon fetish.

Balloon Fetish – A Form of Sexual Imprinting?

A lot of looners will consider their childhood when talking about the fetish and their experiences they had with balloons. In many cases, the idea of balloons popping has scared them so much that it ends up being a risky and dangerous thing to do. This, of course, has some very deep psychological elements – much too many to go into here.


Are those who see the sexual attraction to the idea of a balloon bursting. Non-poppers, however, are the camp who want to make sure that a balloon doesn’t pop at any cost. Non-poppers will sometimes have an emotional connection to a balloon: it may be considered their friend and given a personality. One side sees the bursting of a balloon as a metaphor for orgasm, whilst the other will see it as a metaphor for death.

Adrenaline Rush

Due to the terror that many individuals experience, the adrenaline rush that is associated with the popping of a balloon can be a great experience. This often means that various party games can be created where balloons can be popped.

Finding Other Looners

There are numerous sites associate with looners that will provide more information on the community. A lot of BDSM sites may also have this as one of their categories where you can go onto forums and talk to other people. It is also interesting to note that not everyone who participates in the fetish may be an actual looner themselves. They may get turned on by watching other looners (or, indeed, anyone who has a particular fetish) enjoy their fetish and will, therefore, want to partake in it. If it is difficult to find other looners then these people are sometimes a better choice because they tend to be much more versatile… and there are many more of them!

Inflatable Dolls?

Inflatable sex dolls are not strictly associated with a balloon fetish but they can be linked in. This is another thing to keep in mind. Some people may be utterly terrified of their inflatable doll popping. (Although they are usually well-made enough to withstand a lot of pressure!).

If you’re into the idea of discovering more about the balloon fetish, be sure to ask others. You may even be able to find someone who is will to explore it with you!


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