5 Unromantic Places to Meet a Girl


In the movies, people meet their love anywhere. Life is not particularly different from the movies, in this case, almost every place can turn out to be one of the best places to meet girls. However, it is necessary to notice that the cinema over romanticizes some places to meet girls because when you get there, love is the last thing that you think about.

Here are 5 unromantic places to meet single girls look in real life.

  1. Any place where it’s raining.

Romantic movies necessarily include the moment when a couple meets and kisses in the rain or the rain comes up with them by accident. The man gives his jacket to the woman, they take off their shoes and run happily somewhere. However, the movie does not show how unpleasant it is to be in wet shoes. To find out that your phone does not work, and the nose is blocked absolutely not romantically. The rain is almost like a pimple, it always happens at the most inopportune moment.

  1. At a concert.

Another plot for the romantic film is when two people go to a concert. They communicate enthusiastically and suddenly realize that they have much more in common than just the musical taste. In this scene, they can always talk to each other and perfectly hear every word. In fact, a concert is the loudest thing on the planet, and it’s not so easy to hear the interlocutor. In addition, when you go to a concert, your main goal is to listen to your favorite singer and not to talk about your ex or listen to stories about someone’s work and hobbies. Having said that, the only positive is that it’s a good place to get along with some people. Everyone loves music and arts and we suspect those  dating Christian girls love music just as their dating non-Christian friends do.

  1. Supermarket.

A typical scheme of romanticizing a store in films is when two people take the same goods.  Reach for the same thing, their hands touch each other accidentally.  Provoke an explosion of emotions. In real life, supermarkets are crammed with people, moving in a random order, and they do not attach much importance to their surroundings. Buyers move slowly between the shelves, pushing the carts in front of them. Even if you happen to meet a sweet girl there, it will be difficult to talk to her and not seem strange. “Do you like to eat too? How strange it is. We have so much in common! Do you want to eat with me from time to time?” However, it’s so ridiculous that it might work. A supermarket can turn out to be one of the good places to meet girls.

  1. Airport.

Usually, the airport is shown as the quintessence of romance and the concentrate of feelings. The most dramatic and moving events occur there. Firstly, of course, these are meetings and farewells when tears flow like water. There are so many hugs and kisses. Secondly, the dramatic purchase of a ticket with a view to fly away forever and forget about past relationship. You can turn out to be a man who will change the life of an upset woman at the last moment.

However, if a girl decides to return your love and goes to buy an air ticket for this purpose instead of just calling you, how much would she seem adequate? As for the scenario with successful avoiding the security staffs and reunion at the gangway, you will not be allowed to go further than the check-in counter without a ticket, even if you publicly declare that your life is falling apart. And finally, you may think about a meeting at a high altitude, when people understand that they have been looking for each other all their lives. However, either fat person, or child, or someone’s granny can also sit next to you.  

  1. Laundry.

Laundry is the most unromantic place to meet a girl. However, you can watch it in the movies quite often, it is always a touching scene. The guy and the girl confuse their washing machines. The guy holds some pink clothes with embarrassment and does not know what to do with that.


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