Organizing Sex Dates


Sex dates are part of a phenomenon known as casual dating. They have of course always existed but the difference nowadays is that people are much more open about them. Among the gay community, it was always the case: it existed in the form of a type of behavior known as “cruising”. Cruising would involve a man going to spot which was known for it and waiting for other men to come along. They would then simply get down to business. Flirting across bars and restaurants was also quite common and there were in fact “cruising bars” available for those who wanted to partake in this activity.

When it comes to heterosexuals, this activity is naturally a little more complicated – or at least was. Single women who were only looking for a roll in the hay were stigmatized and considered whores. Single men who did it… Well, they were considered studs. A lot of the interaction in this regard also involved bars and night clubs.

Nowadays, the online sex date is a new phenomenon that has naturally risen thanks to the Internet. There are plenty of online platforms where you can meet other people and organize them.

Organizing a Sex Date: What You Need To Know

The best piece of advice that we can give you is that you need to know the person you’re going to have a sex date with. This is purely for the sake of safety: you don’t need to know them fantastically well, but you need to be comfortable with that person. Some people can indeed simply meet up with someone else and have sex there and then. This isn’t the case with everyone.

If you are the kind of person who takes their time, you may want to have a few “normal” dates beforehand. Talk about sex. Talk about the kind of things you’re into. This will help you normalize the whole idea and ensure that both of you are as comfortable as possible!

Friends With Benefits

Online sex dates can, of course, end up developing into something more. The idea of friends with benefits can be a touchy subject but only if you make it so. What you need to do is set clear boundaries. You should always have a contingency plan just in case one of you ends up developing feelings for the other. This can definitely happen, so if it does then you both need to make a decision. Do you want to continue and let this develop into a full-blown relationship, continue as some kind of affair, or simply go your separate ways? This may seem like a tough decision, but it is a possibility that you have to be aware of!

Overall, sex dates can be a lot of fun especially if you have discussed certain things beforehand. If you are interested in living out this thrill, then all you need to do is get online and start messaging people! Success is definitely waiting out there!


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