Unusual Sex Positions


Sex positions tend not to be something that people talk about a lot. At the very least, they are not spoken about in-depth. This is why it can sometimes be very difficult to get the right information on them or even find out new and exciting ones. Thankfully, there is a bit more information out there nowadays. We’ve taken the time to compile a list of interesting and unusual sex positions that many people all over the world like to do. Some of them may require a little bit of practice and patience (not to mention skill).

The Butter Churner

We’ll start you off on one which could maybe be considered a high-risk sex position. Although it sounds like something that Amish enjoy doing, it most certainly doesn’t have anything to do with actual butter churning. And we are pretty sure that a lot of Amish may possibly object to this, so let’s leave that association behind.

The Butter Churner involves the woman lying down with her legs and her back in the air. The man stands up and points his penis downwards, entering her vagina. So, there is a high risk of neck cramps and the man must be careful that he doesn’t injure his penis. However, one of the biggest benefits of this position is that the orgasm can be terrific.

The X Position

From the way it appears, the “X” position can look very similar to what lesbians know as “scissoring”. The woman lies down on her back and the man sits up. He enters his penis into the vagina, but with one leg under the woman’s leg and the other leg over her other leg. It is a lot simpler than it sounds, but in essence, the two partners end up creating an “X”.

This position is good for those who enjoy looking at their partner’s body, as well as showing off their own. It can be good for those who also enjoy a bit of slow sex, so it can take time to build things up into something a little racier.

The Pretzel

This is a sex position that is very similar to the X position. The difference is that instead of sitting down, the man is on his knees. In fact, it can be a good follow-up position. Whilst you may start off slow with the X position, you can speed things up with the pretzel. For men who enjoy watching tits bounce, the Pretzel can be a particularly erotic position.

There are many more weird and wonderful positions out there. In fact, a lot of them may also involve a certain level of gymnastics. This is why you need to very carefully take the time to speak about it with your partner. Finding out what is comfortable for the two of you will lead to a much more interesting sex session overall. Researching other positions can also make for a very interesting and enticing even and one filled with lots of variety!


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