Lesbian Sex: Follow Your Own Path


You can forget the “sexy” portrayals of lesbians on television and in the movies. These portrayals (specifically those done in porn) are generally geared towards getting men off. When it comes to women who have sex with women, it is often a lot more complex than that. That’s simply because people are complex and lesbians also come in various different flavors (whether or not they actually are exclusively lesbian).

So, when it comes to lesbian sex it is important to follow your own direction. There are a lot of myths out there as well today. The sexual position known as “scissoring”, while not impossible, is not necessarily one of the most pleasant examples out there as it doesn’t do much for either partner. Maybe it is a good introductory position, at the very least.

Exploring Your Bodies

The sensory exploration of the female body is probably one of the greatest delights of lesbianism. For the most part, this has a huge benefit because both participants are women and are therefore fully aware of what it is that most women want. Since more women tend to be better communicators than men, this is also a factor that is going to make the sex even better.

You can communicate with one another about the types of toys that you want to use, as well as the different positions and fantasies that you want to live. In fact, having a long and intimate discussion beforehand can end up leading to a very interesting and playful session for both parties involved!

You Don’t Have to Go Without Penetration

Women, for the most part, tend to lack the extra “attachment” that men have. This doesn’t mean that, as a lesbian, you have to forgo penetrative sex. In fact, in many ways, women have a lot more choices than men when it comes to being fucked. Strap-ons are only the beginning as there are plenty of different dildoes and vibrators out there.

You could try out a fake “vibrating penis”, for example. And of course, there are double-ended dildoes which means that the two of you can both enjoy being penetrated at the same time. It really is amazing to see a number of choices that lesbian women have these days when it comes to getting down and dirty in the bedroom. So, it is about time to start exploring!

Talk with Others

Lesbians tend to be a lot more open about their sexual exploits among one another. In some ways, this can lead to a very interesting, close-knit circle where people are willing to share various tips and techniques. Of course, if you are too shy you don’t have to stick to this. There are also plenty of online forums where you can speak about your experiences and ask for tips from other people.

It’s time for women to be open and focus on sex that pleases them and not men. After all, being a lesbian is about having intimate relationships and sex with other women.


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