How to Take a Nude Selfie


The nude selfie can be considered one of the prime examples of our age. People are less ashamed of their bodies now, despite the photos of “perfect” models that are displayed everywhere, both online and offline. Taking a naked photo of yourself can, of course, give you a bit of a thrill and a lot of people like doing it just to admire their bodies at a different angle. Yet there are many people who also choose to take a different approach and will send it on to their partner.

When it comes to taking nude selfies, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the right angles. Don’t forget about filters either. A simple, grainy picture is generally not appealing. It is also a common practice to send these on sex dating websites. If you’re going to do that, you’ll need to ensure that you look your best. Nobody wants to have sex with a stranger who looks like a crack addict!

Taking a Nude Selfie: Show Your Best Side

One top tip for taking a naked picture is to simply look at yourself in the mirror. Examine your body and see what parts you like, what parts you don’t and what parts could do with a bit of a tidying up (pubic hair, anyone?). Don’t worry if you’re not as toned as you want to be. Nobody is perfect. See what your ass looks like from different angles, and even try posing in different positions.

This is just the beginning, of course. You want to examine the product before taking pretty pictures of it.

Find the Right Pose

Maybe the word “selfie” was a bit of a misnomer here… However, you don’t have to physically hold onto your phone/camera in order to take a picture of yourself. There is such a thing as timers. You can put your phone or camera on the other side of the room and simply stand in front of it. Then, set your timer to 10 seconds and wait for the flash. In the meantime, try to arrange yourself into a sexy pose. May put a pillow over your naughty bits or try out a few expressions.

Make sure to do this a couple of times. You’ll then have a good collection of pictures that you can scroll through. Examine each one and see whether or not you like it. Put them all into a folder and rate them, if you like. And of course, don’t forget to do a bit of after-editing. You want a picture that will shine through and make you look as sexy as hell.

Find the Right Place to Put Your Nude Selfie

This is probably one of the easiest bits. If you have someone who is already waiting for and expecting a naked selfie from you, there’s no problem. However, you can also create a personal website and put up your photos (if you want!). In addition, sex sites often have “naughty” galleries for you to put them in as well!


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