How To Convince Your Partner To Try New Stuff in Bed


Trying something new in bed can be entertaining, and it can breathe new life into your sexual relationship with your partner. However, many people have trouble asking someone out for a date, let alone convince them to try something new in bed. How does one convince his or her partner to try new stuff in the bedroom? This is an age-old question that we will try to answer in this article. Check below some tips to convince your partner for new stuff in bed.

Use these tips to try something new with your partner:

1. Characterise Your Partner?

Is your partner open-minded, always wanting to try new stuff like food, new movies, new books and so on? If yes, then convincing him/her to try a new position or something kinky can be easy. Same goes for if you have a healthy relationship and can communicate openly – you can probably ask your partner straight up. However, if your partner likes to stick to his/her comfort zone, then you will probably have a hard time with it. In that case, you will need to have a long talk, bring up so me facts, explain your side of the story and so on.

2. Present Your Idea

Okay, no matter how open or closed-minded your partner is, you still need to show him/her what you have in mind. For example, if you saw something interesting in a porn movie, show that video to your partner as long as she or he isn’t offended by it. Some people are not comfortable when watching certain pornographic materials.

Anyway, based on your partner’s reactions, you can tell right away if it’s a go or a no.

3. Explain Why You Like that “Certain Thing”

Sometimes, you will need to do an awful lot of convincing to get results. You will have to present your partner your perspective on all this. Explain why you will find this interesting and why you want to try it.

4. Don’t Rush It

Explain to your partner that you will go easy on him/her so that you won’t hurt him/her. Use safe words. Inform your partner that if you see that he/she likes it, then you will continue; if not, you will stop.

5. Sweeten the Deal

If your partner is still not convinced, then offer him/her a deal. Tell them to find something that they would like to try in bed in exchange for what you want. This way, you can both have fun and experiment with new things. And who knows, maybe you will like what your partner brings to the table.

What if your sexual efforts are not effective?

So? If things do not work as planned but both of you still want to try it, then go ahead. If you are convinced that this new thing looks great on screen but sucks in bed, then it is time to try something else. Always try new stuff in bed so sex won’t become a tedious chore that might end up your relationship. Yes, convincing your partner to try something new in bed can be difficult, but if he/she is open-minded, then you will succeed eventually.


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