How to Deal With Having Been Cheated On


Few things on this planet can be more painful than finding out your partner has cheated on you. It’s something that can scar somebody for life, to such an extent that the said person will come to rue relationships and even love itself. Coping with having been cheated on can be extremely difficult, but you must do it for your own sake. Here are a few pieces of advice you should follow to regain your self-esteem back.

Stop talking with the cheater

The biggest mistake you can make after you’ve been cheated is to keep talking to the one that has cheated on you. Or even worse: get back together. You know the saying “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. Quitting talking with your boyfriend/girlfriend cold-turkey is painful, but it’s a necessity. You need time alone to heal your wounds.

Don’t blame yourself

Easier said than done. The temptation to do this will be huge, but it will only increase your pain and the time you need to recover. No “Maybe I wasn’t good enough”, “I messed up somehow” and things of the sort will not do. It’s seldom the fault of the one who has been cheated on. Remember that. You should not even think of blaming yourself.

Don’t sleep with every person that crosses your way

You’ll probably want to do this to get back at your cheating partner, but there’s an issue with this: you aren’t actually getting back at nobody. You’re only shredding the self-esteem you’ve been left with. It may be a quick fix but in the long run, it does more damage.

Don’t isolate yourself

Yes, you need to heal yourself, but closing yourself in your apartment all day long isn’t the way to do that. Don’t stop doing the things that bring you joy, regardless of what those are. Go out with your friends and socialise. Keep close with your family. Don’t sink in your bathtub and revel in your self-pity. You’re better off without your partner, anyway.

Don’t seek vengeance

Focus on something constructive instead of something destructive. Just like in the case of sleeping with a ton of people, this too will hurt you more than it will hurt the cheater. It’s all over and as much as you’d think you’d feel better once you’re even, you won’t. Over the years, you won’t believe you even cared for that, anyway, so it really doesn’t pay off to waste your time away by searching for methods to avenge yourself.


Having been cheated on is devastating. It leaves you in so much pain that you’re wondering if you’ll ever be able to love again. You will, you can be certain of that. You have to get the cheater out of your head and see that he/she wasn’t worth it. Don’t give up the idea of happiness just because you’ve burned yourself once. Simply think that the cheater wasn’t the one. As simple as that. You’ll be back in a loving relationship before you even know it.


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