How to Safely Have Sex Outdoors


Your sex life may be satisfying and fun enough, but there’s just something exciting about having sex outdoors in unlikely places. Having sex outdoors may be portrayed in movies as something that is pretty easy to do. In reality, it can be a little more dangerous than you realize. But it’s the idea of the potential danger that’s making outdoor sex more arousing, right? Now, if you have ever considered getting it on in an alley, in your office, or anywhere public, it’s crucial that you have a strategic plan first before you actually do it.

So to help you safely turn your fantasy into a reality. Here are some of the best places to have outdoor sex in, as well as tips on how to make the most of your rendezvous.

In a Park

If you want to have sex in the park, you really, really have to be smart about it because that place is not safe at all. So, if you’d like to get in action there, it is advisable that you do it at night when there is no one else around. Find a fairly large tree where you can hide behind, and bring a blanket to cover your bodies. What’s great about sex in the park at night time is that you have the liberty to be a little louder since not many people will be able to hear you, if at all.


Look for a campsite that offers some privacy. As much as possible, don’t go for a popular family spot that has kids running around and that has a busy hiking trail – unless you want to get caught. Just find a quiet spot, lie on your sleeping bags, and do your thing. You can also use a tent if you want more privacy.


Of course, how can we not include this place on this list? It’s romantic, dreamy, and extremely hot – according to the movies, at least. The thing about beach sex is that it looks awesome in TV shows and films, but in reality, it’s quite challenging. Sand gets in every crease in your body; you can get pushed around by the waves, and salt water does not feel great inside the vagina at all. There’s a way around this, though. Get a huge mat or blanket, lay it on the sand, and have your sexy time on it. Stay away from the water as much as possible, and choose an area that’s mostly hidden. Again, night time is best.

Movie Theatre

The key to making a movie theatre fuck successful and exhilarating is to do in at a random time where almost no one else is in the theatre. Another trick is to pick a loud movie with lots of action so that your bodily sounds and moans won’t be audible. Also carefully choose a movie which is not popular and would not have many people interested in it.

In a Parked Car

Having sex in a car that is parked in a secluded place has minimal risk, yet it’s still exciting and fun. However, if you are not interested in giving a free show, try doing it in a car garage. A car garage is an ideal place to do your first outdoor sex because it offers just the right amount of privacy and feeling of being in public.

Just remember that before you fool around outdoors, you should have a concrete plan first on where and how you are going to do it. It’s also a good idea to have your clothes nearby and practice your running just in case you need to scram.


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