Top 5 Sexual Fetishes For Women


Sexual Fetishes. Almost everyone has a sexual fetish – yes, of course including women. This is a period in our timeline where the female sexuality is starting to unravel more and more, and it is certainly a thrill to discover what other hidden kinks women have. It’s true that a lot of women now are being assertive and open about their sexuality. However, it is still possible that your girl is actually kinkier than you think she is.

Here are the top 5 sexual fetishes for women


A lot of women are into some sort of BDSM, whether it’s spanking, blindfolding, or restraint. It has also been reported that many women prefer sadomasochistic porn, with ‘bondage’ and ‘rough sex’ included in the top 16 search terms for females. The aspect of power and control is a popular female fantasy, and according to a survey, a number of women wish that men were aware that some females actually like to be dominated. It’s important to note, though, that there were also women whose fantasy involves dominating their partner.

Group sex (males only)

Gangbanging is a common fetish of women, although it is still a little taboo as of now. Based on the results of a 2016 sex survey, women are likely to view gangbang porn more than men. Furthermore, females are also 75 percent more likely to search for group sex porn. This could mean that a lot of women are inherently interested in being overwhelmed with stimulation or even being overpowered. The problem here, though, is that women find it hard to talk about this fetish because it can hurt a man’s ego or it can even trigger slut-shaming.

Rape fantasy

“Forced” sex or rape fantasies are among the fetishes that are most difficult to talk about. However, that does not make them any less common. It may seem weird that some women are aroused by something that could also be extremely traumatic. But really, it’s just all about the difference between reality and make-believe. Rape fantasies are pretty much like other role-playing fantasies, in that they are performed with consent. There is nothing wrong with them, and they do not imply that a woman with that fantasy wants to actually get raped in real-life. CONSENT makes all the difference.

Sex in public

Public sex has something to do with the idea of vulnerability, which arouses women most of the time. So, it’s really not shocking that many women are down for some exhibition. It could be sex in a public place per se, or it could simply be having a third person watch the act. It does not really matter that much. The point is that the idea of receiving attention from multiple viewers is arousing to many women.


For some women, orgies are the ultimate fantasy because certain aspects of other fetishes (such as exhibitionism, gangbang, and sensory overload) can be found here. In fact, female porn habits show that an orgy turns women on more than it does men.

Want to try these out with your girl? Communicate your desires.

You just might end up uncovering a pleasant surprise.


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