Top 8 Sexual Fetishes For Men


Sexual Fetishes used to be taboo before, but in this age, it’s actually pretty normal to talk about them. There are fetishes that are considered normal, while there are also those that are seen as absurd, albeit harmless. The list of existing fetishes in the world is practically endless. A fetish can be about emotions, physical feelings, situations, smells, clothing, or pretty much anything. Some situations or objects that seem nothing to some people may have a different impact on the brains of fetishists.

Here are the top 8 male fetishes that you might want to know about:

1. Foot Fetish

This one is very common. In fact, it is probably the most popularly known fetish. Foot fetish is exactly what the term implies. Some men just really love feet! This fetish is a harmless one, and foot fetishists usually have no difficulty finding a date who agrees to have their toes sucked. Another fetish related to this involves shoes, no matter if there are feet inside them or none.

2. Infantilism Fetish

Okay, this fetish is really strange, but it is surprisingly common. Men who have infantilism fetishes like to act as a baby while their partner role-plays as the mum or nanny. It may involve gibberish talk as well as props like cribs, pacifiers, bottles, and even nappies!

3. Spanking

Spanking is another popular fetish of men (and women too!), and the fetishist either wants to do the spanking or be the one getting spanked. This fetish involves elements of domination or submission, as well as humiliation and pain. Even people who do not have this fetish do engage in a little spanking from time to time. However, fetishists take this seriously, and they do it pretty hardcore.

4. Tight-fitting Clothes

Many people are aroused by tight-fitting suits, especially those made of latex, leather, or rubber. Fetishists enjoy either wearing the suits or having their partner wear them.

5. Peeing

Ah, the fetish that Peeping Tom has! Men with this fetish get off on watching other people have sex. It is very common, and really, almost everyone has a certain fascination with seeing other people’s naked bodies. This fetish is quite easy to satisfy, especially now that the internet gives users access to so much porn.

6. Cuckolding

Some men just want to watch their partner being fucked by someone else. This is exactly what cuckolding is. A person with this fetish also typically wants his partner to humiliate her ‘lover’ as he watches them from the sidelines.

7. Body Piercing

Some men love to lick and suck on piercings, which can be located in the genitals, face, belly button, tongue, and other areas of the body. It could be the visual appeal of the piercings or their cool metal feel that gets the fetishist off.

8. Golden Shower

Golden showers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to urine fetish. Some men want to watch someone pee, while other like to get peed on, pee on someone else, pee in their pants and do other stuff that involves pee. Fetishists may be turned on by the humiliation, or perhaps the taste of urine.

Having a sexual fetish is quite normal.

Got a fetish of your own?

As long as you are not harming anyone and everyone is a consenting adult, everything should be a-okay.

Satisfy it by all means!


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