Lesbian Sex – Advice for Women


Lesbian Sex

Let’s talk about lesbian sex. A lot of women nowadays are beginning to question their sexuality. This may be due to television displaying homosexual relationships far more openly, giving the community the representation it deserves. There is also, of course, a trend of many female celebrities who are coming out and admitting their homosexual tendencies and urges. As a result, you may decide that you are, at the very least, bi-sexual and want to explore this side of your sexuality a little more. So, what to do? If you are interested in having sex with another woman, the first thing you will want to do is actually find another woman.

Dating a Woman

In the gay scene among men, it’s very common for someone to simply send a message over an adult dating site that says, “Wanna fuck?”. The other man then simply responds, whether positively or negatively. Women, on the other hand, tend to have rather more complex interactions. This means that even if you are only interested in having sex with another woman, you’ll still have to “date” one another, so to speak.

Women often want to get to know the person they’re going to have sex with first. This may mean discussing various things that they might be into in bed. Clear, open and honest communication is utterly vital. If both of you discuss what you want and what you might be expecting, you can avoid disappointments and surprises.

Lesbian Sex

The first thing you need to remember when you get naked together is that you can back out any time. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, then you simply need to communicate it. If there is any negative response from the other side or any form of pressure, then that person is probably someone you should stay away from.

There are in fact lots of ways in which woman can explore one another. Oral sex is a lot of fun and can be intensely pleasurable, although this may not be something you might want to jump straight into. Instead, you can also start pleasuring one another with toys. Vibrators, dildoes and even strap-ons for that proper form of intensity are all well and good and can be used if you are comfortable. Again, the key to you both enjoying yourselves here is communication! Communicating properly will ensure that you both get off properly!

Orgasm – Is It Important?

It may surprise you to learn that for many, orgasm is not to the most important part of sex. In fact, orgasm is sometimes considered to be the cherry on top of a delicious cake: however, it doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal. The important part here is to explore the body of the other person.

Having sex with a person for the first time can be both exciting and challenging. This is especially true if you are having sex with someone of the same gender. It can be new and thrilling, so you need to make sure that your heart is in it when you start!


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