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I’ve explored the internet, and looked at all sorts of sex toys. Some big, some small, some shaped just weird, and then some. Here I’ve come up with the top 10 ultimate sex toys in the UK. I’m sure the ones here in Australia are probably the same or pretty close. I’ve taken toys from various sites and listed them here for you. Enjoy this list I’ve come up with for you, if you have a favourite that I didn’t list, leave a comment if you’d like because we girls always need new toys! OH, and I have not checked the prices of any of these…

  1. The Lovehoney Desire Luxury Clitoral Vibrator–this little gem was voted on to be the “World’s Best Vibrator” apparently by Good Housekeeping magazine. It has 12 speed levels and is very quiet. It is also waterproof and USB rechargeable.
  2. Magic Wand Rechargeable–now I can tell you that this is the original magic wand, I have one that isn’t as expensive and works great, just saying. With this one being rechargeable, no wall plug is needed, though you do still have the option. You can also purchase additional heads with it if you’d like for variety. I have seen this type on many a cam models show, and they all seem to enjoy it over and over. Multispeed and various vibrations make this wand awesome for solo or couple’s play.
  3. OhMibod–another favourite of cam models on The OhMiBod is sound activated and bluetooth enabled, thus wireless. Your partner can make it vibrate without even touching it, if you were curious about that. You can even get a remote control app for your phone to make it go off. The object from what I’ve seen and learned, is to put it in your panties, or some are dildo shaped and can go in your pussy hole, and let the hands-off fun begin. These are supposed to be quite powerful and I’ve seen girls literally shake in ecstasy when it makes them come.
  4. Lovense–pretty much the same as the OhMiBod above, but said to be even more powerful than its competition. I don’t know, because I don’t own one…yet.
  5. Bullet vibrator–no matter what anyone says, I am a true fan and believer of the bullet vibes. I’ve never had a bad one yet, and power can come in small packages. There is not a specific one I like more than the other, and I think every woman should have at least one, or two, because they are small after all…*wink*
  6. Jimmyjane’s FORM 2–I’ve come across this little guy a few times, but do not own one yet. It is shaped like a bunny head and the ‘ears’ are both clit stimulators that can actually be shaped and moulded around the clit for stimulation and off-the-wall orgasms. If anyone has actually tried this, shoot me a comment, I am curious.
  7. The iVibe Rabbit–I think this goes without saying for any rabbit vibrator. Women love these, especially the rabbit part which is the clit stimulator. The rabbit comes with beads or pearls that turn while the head of the vibrator rotates giving you pleasure all around…if you caught the pun, good for you! These guys have been popular for quite some time, and are still going strong.
  8. Glass Dildos–we’ve all seen them, but have we tried them? I haven’t, but they are still a pretty popular commodity to the ladies. What I just found out is if you like a little temperature to your playing, you can either run it under hot water or cold water and enjoy the new sensations it will give you.
  9. We-Vibe–apparently, every list I’ve perused has one form of this or another on it. The We-Vibe is a popular couples toy that we ladies wear. It is curved to our naughty bits inside and out. It has two motors and powerful vibrations that will make foreplay a whole boatload of fun for both of you.
  10. The Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator–last one on this list, but a powerful and popular implement to give you multiple and powerful orgasms. It’s waterproof and has a long battery life so repeat sessions are not uncalled for. Has a clit stimulator as well and 3-adjustable speeds. Bring it on Madam Butterfly!

Well, there you have it, my choice for the top 10 ultimate sex toys. I have only been introduced to a couple of these, but sometime in the future I will meet the others as well. Hope you enjoy this list, and don’t forget to let me know if there are others that you would recommend. Enjoy!

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