7 Sexy Birthday Surprises for Your Hubby


Why not? I’ve come up with 7 sexy birthday surprises you can treat the hubby to, if you dare…*evil grin* If you’re anything like me, the same old cake/ice cream/singing scenario gets a little monotonous once you’ve been married for so long, time to spice up the husband’s birthday. Don’t forget your phone or camera, his reactions are bound to be priceless and photo worthy.

I do want to warn you, some of these may not apply to your lifestyle, and if so, just move on to the next one. Alternative lifestyles will be a part of this.

With that said, join me on my journey to give you some great ideas for Sexy Birthday Surprises for your Hubby!

  1. Naked Surprise Party–No, I don’t mean invite a bunch of different people and everyone get naked–although that does offer up several possibilities..*evil grin*, I mean you-naked– him? Surprise! This scenario works best when he isn’t home from work or running errands yet. But when he gets home, Happy Happy Birthday to him!
  2. Dinner and Nothing But A Smile–Yes, another naked surprise. Except in my house, hubby does all the cooking, so this could be a pleasant surprise indeed with the added benefit of dessert already being done…tasty treats for my sweets!
  3. New Lingerie–When you’re out on his birthday running errands, be sure to stop off at the lingerie shop and grab a new outfit. If there’s a particular one that he mentioned he liked, but you weren’t fond of, still grab it…it is his birthday after all and he’ll be pleasurably (yes I meant that) surprised…
  4. Threesome–Granted this one is not to everyone’s taste, but for those of us that enjoy aspects of the alternative lifestyle, this tops the list. You can make it a MMF, or FFM or your preference. So either, invite another guy over so hubby can watch you in action with both, or invite another lady friend over so you can both pleasure hubby for his birthday. The fact that you’re going to let him fool around with another female, no strings attached, while you’re there, he’ll be thrilled! But only if that’s something the two of you like.
  5. Birthday Blow Job–Self-explanatory I hope…good start would be waiting as soon as he walks in the door, drop to your knees and have fun! Because you know he will…
  6. Roleplay–Not your typical roleplay, and might take a little planning. Hire him an Escort, with one little difference, Escort=YOU! Dress up in a costume, any that you choose, book a motel, then use your imagination from there. Different ideas can be spurred from this example, so run with them!
  7. Treat Him Like A King–Many of us do this on special days like a birthday. I know that the day is mine on my birthday, so I repay him the favour. It’s his birthday, so make it all about him, no matter what he wants (within your personal limits, of course), and treat him that way all day long.

Those are my ideas for your man’s special day; do you have any suggestions or ideas for surprises? Feel free to let us know, and I hope that if you can get some inspiration from these ideas than I’ve done my job well. Enjoy!


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