The Benefits of Having a Toyboy


Having a toyboy is a dream for some women… and understandably so! There are a lot of benefits that entering into a relationship with a younger man can bring an older woman (in cases like this, usually known as a “cougar”). Whilst older men definitely have their benefits, sometimes you may want to try out something else.

Toyboys are quite easy to find as younger men also tend to be quite willing. Of course, part of the charm of being a “cougar” is also being sophisticated, so it probably wouldn’t help to simply throw yourself at any young man that looks your way! A bit of finesse will not only enrapture men of all ages but will also get you someone who can be an exciting and satisfying lover.

The Benefits of a Toyboy – Youthful Enthusiasm

This should go without saying! Naturally, most younger men tend to have a lot more energy. They are of course a lot fresher to the world. A lot of older men may tend to have the attitude of “been there, done that” which can make them rather lousy lovers… Younger men, on the other hand, will see things from a fresh perspective. This enthusiasm will not only be useful in terms of a relationship (whether serious or casual), but it can also help to give you a new lease of life!

The Benefits of a Toyboy – A Sense of Adoration

Toyboys, being the younger party, will tend to look up to you in many ways. This simply comes down to something known as life experience: you will be a font of knowledge and may even pave the way for him to please other women when you part ways (if you intend on it being a short-term thing, that is). Plus, there’s the fact that having someone who adores you can generally be good for the soul!

The Benefits of a Toyboy – Stamina

In a lot of cases, this should go without saying, but we decided to mention it here anyway because it really is a big point! As men age, their sex drives tend to go down a little as well… Which is understandable. A younger man, on the other hand, is going to have a lot more stamina when it comes to bedroom activities. Whilst they may not have tried everything out, a little bit of guidance will show them the right way and can make for some very intense and wonderful nights!

The Benefits of a Toyboy – Not Being Stuck

Not being stuck in their ways, that is. Younger men tend to be a bit more open to new and fresh perspectives: again, this ties in with both enthusiasm and adoration! You can teach him a lot and reap the rewards. Whether it is in life, romance or in the bedroom there really is a lot that you can get out of this. And a toyboy who adores you is very likely to simply follow suit!


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