Keeping a List of Lovers


Keeping a List of Lovers

Having friends with benefits or regular “lovers” is a unique aspect of casual dating and can be a great way of experiencing variety when it comes to your sex life. Nowadays, there are plenty of options when it comes to “gathering” a list of lovers – however, it does appear that keeping them can be a challenge for some. Here are a few pieces of advice to remember when you have several sex buddies on the go.

Keep Everyone Informed

As in, keep everyone informed about the nature of the relationships you’re having with them. If it is purely a sexual thing then make that clear – if there are some romantic aspects, by all means enjoy them but make sure that you are honest about your other lovers (you don’t have to get into the nitty-gritty details, but make them aware that they are not the only one and ensure that they are okay with it!).

Clean Up After a Visit!

There’s nothing worse than heading over to someone’s house for a night of passion only to find a filthy bed, used condoms etc. This has nothing to do with jealousy and everything to do with simply being a good host and keeping your space tidy, inviting and enticing for anyone who wants to enjoy casual sex with you.

Keep A Schedule

If you have regular meetings with your lovers, make sure to keep a schedule! Some partners may be spontaneous visits or when either you have time, whilst others may be a lot more consistent. It is important to ensure that you’ve got a list to keep everyone happy.

How you go about keeping your list of lovers may of course vary. However, heeding these pieces of advice will ensure a smoother experience for all.


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