The Bachelor Lifestyle


Most men in their lives go through the phase of the single, free-wheeling life of being a bachelor. Before the time comes to settle down, find a place to raise a family, and put all the carefree, partying days in the past, the bachelor lifestyle is one of hedonism and experimentation.

In youth, living the single life is important in developing a man’s sense of identity; without responsibility, save that of his own personal needs, a man discovers his intimate interests, his strengths and weaknesses. He moves through a ‘second’ adolescence in discovering his own internal identity. He ventures outward, and experiments, sexually and personably, weaving through this sometimes awkwardly difficult patch in his life. In short, the bachelor life allows a man space to grow.

The bachelor lifestyle allows time for a man to develop his sexual prowess. In becoming familiar with his body, a man learns the way in which to shape and tone it, to become fit, healthy and attractive that is wholly unique to himself. There is ample time in this lifestyle to focus on physical self-improvement.

Following this is appearance. Fashion is a statement throughout bachelorhood; it comes to define a man’s presence, and allows others the opportunity to perceive his self-worth. If a man is well-groomed, adorned in smart clothes for a variety of social situations, his chances, obviously, are increased with members of the opposite/same sex. If he spends his days in tracksuits, nursing a beer gut, then the chances, well… aren’t so great.

The freedom of bachelor life allows time for a man to pursue intellectual interests and/or hobbies. A man can improve his knowledge of a topic, or his skill at particular games or sport. Betterment at one’s interests increases mobility and knowledge that are applicable in other areas of life, ranging from professional work, to wooing on date night.

In the end, bachelor lifestyle basically means there is more time for me. This isn’t about egoism or selfishness, but rather self-improvement. Not enough people are wholly alone with themselves in this technological day in age, and things move so quickly that we often forget to check in on where our heads are at.

Being single doesn’t always have to mean alone. Sure, it can get dreary some nights, but the advantages of this are near endless. In youth, the bachelor lifestyle should be cherished as a time of self-improvement and betterment. All that’s need is some determination and persistence.


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