Feeling at Home in Online Sex Communities


The Internet has opened up a whole range of possibilities when it comes to sex and eroticism: this is very obvious from the amount of adult dating sites, porn sites and more that are out there. In addition, there are countless communities where amateurs get together to post notices, meet ups and videos of themselves.

Of course, when you first step into this world it can feel a little overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you take the right steps during your first days while you get used to it. Remember: these are still online communities and many people here are friends as well, having known each other for years, so a network has already been built up!

Be Polite and Respectful

The Internet gives you the opportunity to be anonymous: however, if you’re interested in actually making connections with people and maybe even meeting up, politeness and respect can go a very long way. Don’t pressure people into doing anything they don’t want to do, and above all: don’t send unsolicited naked pictures. These can be a huge turn-off for those who don’t want/aren’t expecting them. This is particularly the case with female users, who tend to be bombarded with these every day!

Try to Contribute

Plenty of online sex communities will have forums where people come together to speak with one another about a variety of topics. One way of getting involved is to contribute: if someone has a question, try and see if you can answer it – whilst being polite and respectful!

Safety Checks

Depending on the community you join, there may even be a vetting procedure where the site will require you to give certain types of ID: this is usually done to ensure that you are who you say you are, and bodes well for the general safety of the community.


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