Signs It’s Time To End Your Relationship


End Your Relationship

As much as we’d like to think it does, love sometimes just does not last forever. But here’s the inside scoop: it’s not supposed to. Life works in mysterious ways, and your relationship is bad because you’re probably not with the one you should be with. The vast majority of people realise they’re in a bad commitment after they’ve been emotionally scarred. That leads to trauma and progressively more reserved relationships. If your relationship is going in a bad direction, you need to see the signs before it takes you down with it. Check below some signs that maybe it’s time to end your relationship.

Your partner doesn’t make time for you anymore

He/she is always distracted and would rather do anything else than carve out some time to spend with you. They are more distant with the day, and staying with you on the sofa and watching a movie makes a part of them scream in agony. If this happens, you need to have a long talk.

They don’t want to have sex as often

This is the biggest red flag in a relationship. Brace yourself for the harsh truth: people are not interested in having sex with the person they’ve stopped loving. Do yourself a favour and talk about this before you decide to sever the ties. If nothing works, then you’ll be better off without a partner that doesn’t appreciate you and doesn’t find you attractive any longer.

Constantly asking for more space

Even when you see each other pretty rarely. They feel uneasy around you and blames you for demanding too much attention. We know how painful these words can be. Don’t suffer for someone that has clearly stopped caring about your well-being.

Stops answering your calls or texts

They always find an excuse not to talk to you. You have to call him/her 10 times to get ahold of them. Text messages are not replied to more often than not. What does this mean? They simply doesn’t want to hear from you and they feel you are a disturbance.

What then? Confront them face to face. They will probably find excuses all the way, but try to see through those and you’ll discover the real problem there: they want to break it off with you but doesn’t know how to tell it to your face. Make your life easier and give that relationship the final blow.

You’re constantly bickering

Believe it or not, you might be looking for reasons to start a fight unconsciously. That intensity somehow makes it look like it’s not all over. However, you’re hurting yourself by doing this. If both of you are doing this and feeding off this negativity, it’s time to part ways, because you’re not made for each other.

Concluding Remarks

Relationships are complicated, but they’re not supposed to require 24/7 effort to be kept afloat. If they do, they’re bad. You probably knew all these signs but did not want to come to terms with the fact that your relationship was burning away. If your partner does any of the above, even one, then sit down and talk. If the discussion is to no avail, get out of it. No excuses, just leave.


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