Cam Sex in Long Distance Relationships


Cam Sex

Thanks to the almighty Internet, it’s easier to have a long distance relationship nowadays. Back in the days, we only had phone-sex, and it wasn’t too efficient. Enter the webcam or cam sex. The tiny trinket that allows us to see our partners while we fondle ourselves. That’s sex taken to a whole new level. But is it efficient? Does it offer the same amount of passion as doing it “in person” would? Well, obviously it doesn’t, but it certainly helps.

Things to Keep in Mind

First of all, there’s nothing perverse about sexing it up with your partner on Skype, because there’s nothing perverse when you do it in bed, either. What’s more, this may actually keep your relationship alive. Sex is crucial in any relationship. A lack of it can lead to a break-up. If you only meet once a month, it’s already bad enough. You’ve got to keep the passion alive by any means possible. Second of all, it isn’t silly. At least after you’re accustomed to doing it. You may share a few laughs the first times you do it, but it will become a serious habit fairly quickly.

Leave your inhibitions at the door

Do you feel all tense, shaky and sweaty when you do it in the bedroom? If you do, you’ve got a problem. Behave as if your partner was right there. Don’t keep on thinking you’re masturbating in front of a camera.

Take your time

Just like you would do in person, don’t skip foreplay. Undress yourselves slowly, talk dirty to each other and get yourselves in the mood. Don’t just whip it out or start flicking the bean as quickly as the connection was established. It’ll ruin it.

Don’t fear your orgasm

Yeah, just go ahead and orgasm right there, because here’s the inside scoop: nobody cares. BAM! If you’re running to the bathroom holding it in the sleeper’s hold, she won’t feel complimented on her good work. Same thing goes for women. Embrace the orgasm. You can scream all you want and shiver like you are having a stroke. It will make your man feel good about himself.

Do some talking at the end

Don’t just orgasm and close the webcam window. Have a conversation, like you would in person with after cuddles. Talking will replace the cuddling that takes place when you jump each other’s bones in the now-deserted bedroom.


To answer your question: even though it’s nothing like having it in person, Skype-sex does work, provided that both partners feel the same way about it. You’ll be shy the first couple of times – for no good reason, really – but you’ll master it quicker than you think. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you are highly advised to bring this offer to the table. You’ll get more comfortable with each other. Also, you’ll know that the connection between you two isn’t gone, regardless of how far away you are. Just get a good Internet connection.


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