Sexy Lingerie’s Guys Love The Most


Leather and Lace, Silk and Satin–Yes, I’m talking about lingerie, that sensational clothing that makes us feel like a sex kitten even on a bad day. You got it, lingerie..every woman’s dream and every man’s fantasy. We women know what we like to wear, especially for our man, but sometimes they have different opinions. Here’s my list of sexy lingerie that men love the most, and I even asked a few about their favorites along with my research. So grab the hubby’s credit card and go to town my dears!

That glorious see-through material that leaves nothing to the imagination. Men love this, and they don’t care what type either, bras, panties, teddies, garters (big favourite here), lace stockings, they are not choosy. Get yourself some of this and I guarantee your man will just go ga-ga for it, and you’ll have a heckuva night!

Fishnet stockings
Men love fishnets, red, black, white, pink..doesn’t matter, they LOVE fishnets especially if they have those lines down the back of them. Pair those puppies with a lace or satin even leather garter and watch their eyes roll into the back of their heads, oh yeah.

High Heels (okay not lingerie, but still a turn on)
Think I’m kidding? Nope, high heels have always been associated with men’s fantasies. Think about it, dominatrix may force her pet to kiss her boots and oh look–those boots are high heeled! Every porn movie you’ve ever seen, what are the girls wearing that are about to get fucked or are getting fucked? High heels, yessirree! I heard once that they have to keep their shoes on when doing those movies so that it isn’t considered prostitution…not sure how true that is, but there you go. No denying it, high heels rock if you can handle them and they make our asses and legs look great!

Lacy Thongs
There was once a time that I would cringe and hide from the thought of wearing a thong of any type. I’m a bigger girl, so I always figured I’d lose the thong in my big butt, but to my chagrin that doesn’t happen. Men enjoy these as well, not quite as much as you going ‘commando’ but pretty close. I will admit, the lacy thongs are pretty comfy surprisingly, and if they’re paired with a matching bra all the better!

Garter Belts
I know I mentioned these earlier, but honestly, men are just crazy over them. Why? I couldn’t tell you, when I asked hubby why he just said “I don’t know, they’re hot..” end of story I guess. Men like them because they’re ‘hot.’ Guess I’d have to be a man to know, though I can say that I like them because they feel great. Under clothing they’re not like wearing pantyhose, they aren’t restricting, and they are pretty darn comfortable. *shrugs* maybe that’s why. Now pairing those babies with lacy panties and high heels, and what the hell throw on a long shirt or coat then surprise hubby…be careful though, he may cum right there on the spot!

Self-explanatory, after all, it is leather! I mean do I really need to explain, it’s leather! Leather is part of most every man’s fantasy, and go ahead and admit it, our fantasies too. If you don’t like leather or for some other reason don’t want to wear it, try vinyl, it’s a close second.

Well there you have it, my lovely list of sexy lingerie that men love. I didn’t list the types of lingerie because no matter the type, it will fall into one of these categories. They are worth mentioning though, teddies, babydolls, catsuits, robes, bras/panties, and so forth. You get it, because you’re an intelligent, smart, powerful, sex goddess–hear us Roar!! Enjoy!


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