Is Sex Now More Acceptable As A Conversation?


History teaches us that in the 1960’s, women fought for their rights to be heard by burning their bras, going braless,  and protesting the Miss America pageants because women were equals to men. The 1960’s taught us that freedom and equal rights were worth fighting for, so we can thank those amazing women for giving us our freedom to speak freely about our sexuality, and that we were much more than just pretty faces to be paraded around by men.

The sexual revolution, according to our history lessons,  took place from 1960-1980 when alternative lifestyles were no longer a secret, and the first erotic adult films were released. Movements during the time period included women’s rights, equal rights, civil rights, feminist movement, and gay rights movement just to name a few. All of these and more have brought society where we are today making sex more acceptable now than ever during conversation. You can literally see sexual innuendo everywhere like billboards, commercials,  cigarette ads, insurance commercials (believe it or not), motorcycle ads, car ads, you name it and there is probably some underlying sexual innuendo imbibed in it. Simply put, Sex Sells!

Perhaps the movement that made the most impact was the Women’s Liberation movement, aka the Feminist movement.  Women were encouraged to get in touch with their own sexuality and bodies, and not be afraid to make the first move or sexual advance, have fun and enjoy sex, and also not be afraid to experiment with their own sexuality. We were taught by this to realize that women are very sexual creatures that can enjoy sex just as much if not more than men and if they were honest with themselves, men could be relieved that the pressure was no longer on them to perform the way society expected. Within this we also learned that having sex even if you were not married was a healthy and normal life occurrence.  Sexual oppression was no longer an issue for many people.

The fact remains that the first erotic adult film that was released to the public in the United States was entitled Blue Movie written and directed by Andy Warhol in 1969 that showed explicit sex scenes, and nudity. Adult films have been around since the late 1800’s, but none were known to have nude sex scenes until the release of the Blue Movie. That movie paved the way for the poronographic films of today and the film stars we all love to hate.

With all of these events and more that have taken place over the last few decades, it’s easy to see why sex is more acceptable for conversation than it used to be, and it’s definitely a good thing. Sure, you may have to whisper if you’re having an erotic conversation over dinner in a crowded restaurant just to be polite, but what’s to stop you from kicking off your high heeled shoes under the table,  in a dark corner and giving your partner something to think about on the ride home? Nothing comes to mind.


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