Sex and Madness


Sex is always better when combined with intense emotion. It could be love; sensual, romantic, an act where partners connect in an ethereal realm. Or, it could be anger – the make-up sex – rough, dirty and impassioned, where partners fuck out all aggression in a healthy and exhilarating fashion. Either/or, sex with emotion is best. But throw madness into it, and sex becomes an indescribable void of excitement, and if carried out correctly, the rush throngs itself like a high, unmatched by any other drug.

The madness stirs within, and must be discovered and eventually brought out – by either one’s self, or a partner. The great thing is, there’s no real definition or example of what mad sex entails; the process could range from wild toys, BDSM, cuckholding, fetishes, polyamory, voyeurism and exhibitionism. Mad sex for a couple could simply be fucking in the living room. It’s all about the emotional level, how much one is willing to lose themselves with their partner.

Getting in touch with sexual madness should start solo. Think about what really drives you wild, and don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. Listen and work and focus on the way your body interacts with the wild, racing thoughts of your imagination. Then, when comfortable, share this with a partner, see if you can feel them out, or if they’re just as wild, let them show something you’d never imagined. Another great thing about mad sex is that it can happen with anyone: wife, husband, friend, co-worker, Tinder date, or the drunken bar hook-up. Just remember to make sure who you’re opening yourself up to is on the same wavelength, and that it’s all totally consenting.

If you are alone in love, find a wacky free-spirit, someone who embarrasses all modes and forms of sexuality. As Jack Kerouac said, ‘The only ones for me are the mad ones…’ , and to reiterate, crazy, weird, funky, outlandish, off-the-cuff, off-colour folks are the ones who truly make life interesting and hilarious. Throw mad sex into that, and it’s a mix of crazy bliss. The madness takes you places, unthinkable places, because madness has no time for restraints, or borders, within one’s mind. Embrace it.


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