Sex 101: The Importance of Dirty Talk


Sex is still very much of a taboo. Dirty talk throughout the “process” even more so. But anyway, once you’re in bed with your other half, the last thing you care about is that some Amish guys may be picking up their torches and pitchforks.

Even though most people won’t admit it, they do talk dirty in the bedroom. And good for them. It shouldn’t be frowned upon. In fact, it should be anything but. While you can find a tremendous quantity of literature on how important dirty talking is, you’re less likely to find articles on why.

So, let me tell you a few of the perks offered by talking dirty to your partner.

Dirty Talking Is Important Because:

  1. It spices up the act

 If you seem caught in this missionary & falling asleep right after routine, you’ve got a problem. There’s no heat there. Talking dirty can do wonders and guess what? It’s so much cheaper than seeing a therapist.

  1. It facilitates communication

 You already know that communication is crucial in a relationship and it shouldn’t stop once in bed. From the contrary. Dirty talking allows you to vocalise your thoughts. “I like it” or “I don’t like it this way” is so much more important than people realise.

“I would like it that way,” too, can get you to new heights, provided your partner doesn’t storm out the door and tells you never to call back.

  1. It boosts your imagination

 If you’ve ever talked dirty, you might have observed that both of you started fantasising at some point and listed all the things you were going to do to each other. And you probably ended up doing up all those things while hurling expletives.

You wouldn’t have done them if it weren’t for dirty talking, trust me.

  1. It makes you more comfortable with each other

Once you’ve uttered your very first word in a long streak of filthy talking, it’s only going to become easier to do it the next time. Meanwhile, you’ll be more comfortable with each other in bed.

It won’t be so difficult to express your most hidden desires. It won’t be so difficult to badmouth your partner, either.

  1. It’s fun

Yes, it’s fun and sometimes funny, as well. First of all, if you’ve never partaken in dirty talking, your partner will be astonished. I can bet my salary that the first thing he or she is going to do is start laughing.

But that’s where the fun begins. Soon enough, laughter will turn into screams, if you’re doing it right, of course. There are great chances that you’ve never felt so aroused in your life.


Dirty talking can be embarrassing at first, if not downright impossible. As much as you’d want to say those things you were told were not polite, they don’t seem to come out.

But practice makes perfect and trust me 100% on this: all people talk dirty in bed. They might not know it, but they do. These are just a few of the perks of dirty talking. So, I advise you to leave those principles of yours aside for a moment, because you’re in for a surreal trip.


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