Female Contraception


Female Contraception

There is no doubt that when it comes to contraception, women have it the hardest. Since they are the ones who can get pregnant, they run the risk of completely changing their lives and endangering their health every time they have sex. As a result, there is a whole host of different contraceptive methods that women use these days. Unfortunately, many of them are still incredibly invasive.

Take the pill, for example, it prevents pregnancy, but at a drastic cost. A lot of women report heightened sensations and hormones which can lead to emotional instability. This is generally not a nice thing to experience. In some cases, there may also be physical side-effects depending on the pill and the woman’s reaction to it. This is often a gamble and something one should usually discuss with a doctor before going ahead.

Then again, there are also implants that you can get. These will effectively stop a woman from having her period for a certain number of years. While this is a very effective contraceptive method, it can also be a rather invasive one and involves minor surgery.

The Female Condom and Its Benefits

Everyone is, of course, aware of condoms in general. When most people think of a condom, they are actually thinking of the “male” version of one. This is simply a sheath that is designed to fit over the penis to prevent sperm from getting into the vagina. In addition, it prevents a variety of sexually transmitted infections from being passed (although not all of them, so keep that in mind).

The female condom is essentially the same thing. Instead of being designed to fit around a penis, it is designed to fit inside the vagina. It creates a sheath around the walls of the vagina to ensure that no foreign fluids get in: whether this is sperm or diseases. In fact, the female condom has a tendency to offer much greater protection than even the male condom since it takes the entire vagina into consideration. All of the main openings are covered so you run very little risk of pregnancy or even getting an infection.

In general, the female condom is a lot more flexible than the male one. In addition, they can actually increase sexual pleasure for the woman. This is in stark contrast to the male condom, which generally dulls the pleasure for both parties and is the main reason that a lot of people don’t like using them in the first place.

What Contraceptive Method Should I Use?

At the end of the day, it is really up to you what sort of contraception you use. As a woman, you need to consider the choices that you’ll have to make if you are frequently sexually active. Unfortunately, it is men who generally have an easier time of sorting out contraception since they don’t have to think about it that much. However, if you want to make things a little bit easier then you should seriously consider using a female condom.


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