Selling Your Virginity


In recent years, a strange trend has been popping up online. Selling your virginity, that’s right.  In a world where virgins seem fewer and further between than ever before, some girls are cashing in on the trend by selling their virginity online. Read on for the appeal, and why it’s a bad idea.


 If your first reaction to this is confusion, you’re not alone. It’s a rather bizarre trend and illegal in some parts of the world.

So why would a girl do this? In most cases, for the money. Several high-profile cases have hit the news lately in which girls were planning to use the money to pay for college, eliminating sky-high student loans.

In a few cases, girls were surprised at the negative reactions they received. Some were empowered by the idea of selling something that many “give away for free.” While their thinking can be understandable, there’s no telling what they may think down the road. Regret may sink in years, months or even minutes after the deed is done.

Who Are the Buyers?

Virgins have been enticing to men for ages. Some like the idea of an “unspoiled” girl, while others may find it attractive to “corrupt” an innocent. While there are plenty of perfectly healthy reasons for being attracted to virgins (religious reasons, concerns over disease), there are less savory reasons as well. Being a corrupting influence in anybody’s life, virgin or not, isn’t the healthiest of notions.

One major concern over the trend of online virginity bidding is safety. Although most girls interviewed by the media expressed ultra-strict guidelines for the winning bidder, no online meet-up is entirely without risk.

Why You Should Steer Clear

If you’re thinking of putting your virginity up for bid, it’s probably best to step back and ask yourself some serious questions. These types of auctions tend to garner publicity – do you want to be remembered for years as the girl who sold her virginity online? Remember that your parents, future partners, spouses and even your children could easily find out about it online.

Another concern regarding future partners is the lack of waiting for that special somebody to come along. Although not as common as it once was, many girls still wait to have sex until they meet the man they want to marry, or at least fall in love. Auctioning off your virginity eliminates any chance of waiting, and turns what should be a special experience into a transaction.

Think long and hard about whether there’s any chance you may feel regret later in life. There are plenty of ways to earn money for college, from scholarships to GoFundMe pages to odd jobs. They might not offer a one-and-done payday, but you’ll probably feel better about yourself in the long run.


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