The Sexual Benefits of Vaginal Weightlifting


People try out various methods of enhancing their sex lives. There are several factors that can negatively affect a woman’s level of sexual desire and pleasure, and one of those is weak vaginal muscles. The good news is that if you think you suffer from it, there are things that you can do in order to make your vaginal muscles stronger, such as vaginal weightlifting.

Vaginal weightlifting may seem like a new concept to a lot of women. However, the truth is that this is a practice that has been in use for over two thousand years already. Jade eggs or Yoni eggs have been used in Ancient China to strengthen women’s vaginal muscles. These “eggs” are actually carved from smooth stones that were dug up from the ground.

Vaginal weightlifting involves strength training exercises that make use of pelvic floor contractions in order to lift objects. We know it sounds like a silly joke, but it’s not. Vaginal weightlifting can really offer you sexual benefits. Here are some of them:

  • More orgasms  By strengthening your genital muscles, vaginal weightlifting also helps you get more orgasms during sex. Now, this truly provides you with an opportunity to experience multiple orgasms!
  • Intensified orgasms. Aside from helping increase the number of orgasms that you can get during sex, vaginal weightlifting can also make these orgasms more intense. This means that you’ll be able to get more pleasure from longer and deeper orgasms.
  • Heightened libido. If you find that you no longer feel the desire to have sex, then you might be suffering from low libido. Fortunately, vaginal weightlifting can help you with this concern. Weak muscles can make the vagina feel numb. However, strengthening them can make your vagina feel more sensitive and hence make sex more enjoyable.
  • Better lubrication. A lot of women experience problems with lubrication, and dry sex can almost be synonymous with bad sex. Vaginal weightlifting can help address this issue by increasing the blood circulation in the genitals and hence allow you to secrete more of your natural lubricant.
  • Enhanced sexual energy. Since women with weak genital muscles do not feel sensitive enough down there, they tend to be detached from their sexual energy. If you yourself feel that you are always out of the zone, you might want to try out vaginal weightlifting. A stronger vagina can help you enhance your sexual energy and make you enjoy and crave for sex more.

The benefits of vaginal weightlifting can indeed allow you to have a more satisfying sex life.  You don’t have to look for ancient Jade or Yoni eggs just to be able to practice it. There are modern products that are now available in the market, which can help strengthen your genital muscles just as fine as jade eggs can.

One product that you can use is a set of kegel balls. You start by inserting one kegel ball and gradually putting in more balls in order to increase the weight. Once you’re done with your exercises, you can remove the balls simply by relaxing your pelvic floor.


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