Pros and Cons of Camming


Being a camming or sex-cam worker/performer is something quite a few people consider from time to time. It is a quick way to make money and as far as other aspects of the sex or adult industry, it is relatively risk free and can be done from the comfort of one’s own bedroom (or dormitory if you’re hoping it will help you through college or university).

Not such a bad idea at first glance.

I know a few people who have dabbled in such work and know at least one person who has been able to make a decent living off of it. So there are definitely financial positives to camming as a job or profession. As a performer you’re at a safe distance from any real world interaction with your clients unlike an escort for example. If one is careful one can make the right selection of which websites to work through therefore having an element of control over who, as in from what regions of the world or countries, gets to view you. In that sense one is still able to maintain a level of anonymity. However, be mindful that some tech wizzes can record your performance and thus (depending on how alluring or adventurous you are in your show) it can spread like wildfire across the internet… And you just don’t know which one of your friends, colleagues or- worst case scenario- family members will end up seeing it!

There are risks of course. The threat to physical safety from stalkers is obviously one. The things people can pick up on to determine a performer’s location can be quite banal to some but informative to others. For example you will have to ensure that the “stage” or space is kept minimal, with no personal effects or tell-tale signs of where your location is such as a map or bus timetable on the wall- or open windows where one’s view is anything recognisable.

Escorts, especially sex workers who work in brothels, have regulars or favourite customers who at times push for an out-of-office meet up. Sometimes you oblige and sometimes this turns into a profitable and safe means to make money on the side with an established customer without the house taking a cut. Like with sex workers, this offer is almost always something a regular and payment-approved viewer requests of cam workers: private viewing sessions. Obviously most sites have this as an option but be sure to never give out a personal web-camming details such as Skype or direct bank details. For cyber-security and personal security expanding such a clientele outside of reputable websites and their third-party payment methods is not advisable.

One positive is that, like sex workers, you can decide how “far” you want to go- some performers are obviously more comfortable and know their angles and limits a little bit better and others not so much. Just do what you feel comfortable doing and if it’s not for you, then it’s not for you.

So like any other field of work within the sex or adult industry, there are pros & cons and mostly the cons are avoidable if one incorporates common sense.



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