Precautions to Doing It in Front of the Webcam


It is the era of Tinder, and finding the ideal sex partner (or even a partner at all) is easier than a couple of years ago. However, while some people prefer sexting (having sex by typing), other individuals prefer to use their webcam to have sex with a partner from another part of the world.

It may seem weird at first, but it is actually something some people do. But how can someone do it in front of the webcam without having any problems? Here are a couple of tips.

  • do not film yourself and post it on the Internet

If you want to keep these things between you and your partner, try your best not to film yourself and then upload the file to a porn site. That’s how some people do it. The chances of a friend stumbling on your video are small, but they are there.

Not only that but once you upload it or stream it there, your material is their product now. You can take it down, but it will take a while until it happens.

  • Use your phone but be careful

A couple of years ago, there was a huge leak of nude photos and videos of world famous movie stars. Sure, they didn’t post those videos or photos anywhere on the Internet, but their mobile phone or cloud storage got hacked. That’s how vulnerable your phone can be.

A good way to have fun with the webcam or phone cam is to keep it simple and to use it only with your partner. Once you are done, it’s over! Delete any saved files or anything that has to do with this event.

  • Be careful with the sites you use

There are a lot of sites where you can have sex using your webcam, but be very careful. Some strangers can fool you. For example, there are numerous cases in which men are contacted by a female user. She asks them to have sex with her over the Internet so that they can be exposed.

The female is actually someone who blackmails people by playing a video of a naked woman. When the victim is exposed, the blackmailer records the victim. After a while, the victim is contacted by the blackmailer. If the victim doesn’t give him/her a certain amount of money, he/she will present the video to their friends, family or boss.

The same thing can happen to women as well.

We recommend that you keep your video streaming as intimate as possible. If you want to have sex using your webcam, use apps like Skype. Be sure that the person you are talking to is someone you know or at least spent a lot of time to know him or her.

We also recommend that you disconnect your webcam from your computer once you are done with it. If you are using a laptop, just place a sticker on it. Webcams can be hacked, and it can happen when you least expect it, so always be safe.

So, as you can see, webcams can make virtual sex easier, but if you are not cautious, you might get in a lot of trouble.


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